• Hello, 2023

    Welp, here we are. Post 2022 holidays and a fresh new year. Our holiday season was pretty lovely. We hosted Christmas at our house and then ventured a few hours away to see my family. We also got a dusting of snow, always a nice touch, as long as it doesn’t linger too long–spoken like […]

  • To Zion We Go

    A bit about how I planned this trip. We had a limited number of days since we were doing this over kiddo’s Fall Break and a long weekend. Hubs was just along for whatever, so it was up to me and kiddo to make this happen. She already had her must-sees in mind: Zion National […]

  • This is 47

    I had a birthday last week. I took off from work and spent the first day of Year 47 having lunch with a dear friend, and then coffee with another. I did a little shopping and hung out with my family. It was leisurely and lovely. To be honest though, the allure of birthdays stopped […]

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