Domestic Goddess I Ain’t

A relative was at our house the other day and made the comment to the hubby that we “need to fire our housekeeper”. Ha! I have to be honest, that comment smarted a bit but it was completely justified. How were they supposed to know that we’d gotten rid of the housekeeper a month ago?

We don’t live in filth of course (it’s not THAT bad), but lets just say that we live happily among our belongings which happen to be in a minor state of disarray. And that other domestic feat – cooking? I’m even worse at that.

My idea of making the bed is a half-hearted fling of the covers over the pillows to discourage the kitties from napping there. I’m gone all day and no one is going to sneak into my house to see if the bed is made. And I plan on getting right back in bed that night anyway so it saves me time right?

I hate to cook because I spend more time preparing and cleaning up afterwards than I do actually eating the food. And I’ve never tasted anything spectacular enough to warrant spending hours in the kitchen anyway. They sell food in stores and restaurants. I’m supporting the economy.

The undeniable fact is that I suck at the so-called womanly duties of housekeeping and cooking. Thank goodness times have changed. Now I can just chalk up my domestic faults to being a modern career woman.

Although sometimes I think I’d like to try being a domestic goddess for a while. Just to see what it’s like.

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