Am I the only weirdo that instinctively retaliates against inanimate objects when they jump out in front of me and cause me to hit my head or stump my toe? I always feel the need to punish the door frame or the table that caused my bruises. And curse at them too of course. It’s only fair. I have a bag of ice on my … Continue reading ouch


It’s after midnight. Why am I not in bed? Because this is my last night of being off for the holiday and I want to stretch it out as long as possible. Of course I did not get nearly all the things done that I wanted to accomplish while off for Christmas. List of things I did not do…1) paint dining room 2) read 3) … Continue reading time

Celebrity Sells

Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker actually goes to Walgreens or Target and buys a box of Garnier Fructis haircolor? For some reason I can’t see her in the bathroom mixing the color, putting on the latex gloves, spreading the goo all over her head and then hanging around for the 10-15 minutes, rinsing it out, etc. I could be totally wrong on this but … Continue reading Celebrity Sells

The weekend

This weekend was pleasant but busy and consisted of cleaning, doing laundry, having company, football games and shopping. DH went to work on his friend’s house Saturday so I had the day to myself. I spent most of it cleaning and “parent-proofing” the house. My parents and bro came up late Saturday afternoon to spend what was left of the weekend with us. I neglected … Continue reading The weekend

The Blahs

My blogging and writing in general have taken a hit lately. I’ve been in this weird funk I’m trying to drag myself out of. I think turning 30 and an unrelated disappointing situation triggered it. Now it’s the holidays and I’m feeling a bit ho-hum about it all. I’m sure I’ll snap out of it soon. Continue reading The Blahs