thoughts floating in a nitrous clouded mind

My trips to the dentist have been documented before but today’s was a true out of body experience.  I think the nitrous was kicked up about five notches too high because it was sheer kookiness in Finnland today via the dentist’s chair in an unnamed office in Green Hills.  Wowsaas.

Lady of Torture (aka the hygienist): Breathe in deep through your nose and get good and loopy and we’ll get started.

Finn (inhaling with all her might): I love you….You are the best teeth-scraper I have ever had….I am sooooo hungry….this Jet song kicks azz….bum da da dum, bum da da dum….oh yeah…what…oh, here comes the suction thingy…that thing is so funny….I’m gonna blog about this later….I wonder how much clown school is….they need a poster of Eric Estrada in here…that would be killa….

Lady of Torture: You’re doin’ great.  Let me know if it’s on too high, we don’t want your feet to get tingly!

Finn:  Too late miss thang…I can’t even feel my feet…or my fingers….

I’m pretty sure I had world-changing-hunger-ending-disease-curing-never-before-thought-of original-free-my-mind-from-all-inhibitions kinds of thoughts while in that chair.  If I could only remember what they were.

5 thoughts on “thoughts floating in a nitrous clouded mind

  1. Stop it! Stop it! I’ve spilled most all of my drink on the floor and sucked the other half of it up my nose!:-S
    Um…..could you email some of that nitrous oxide over here?

  2. Ohmygod.. when I finally go to the dentist after enough years I can’t even tell you w/out you gasping.. I’m going to have them do that! That sounds awesome!

  3. Um, yeah, I “high”ly recommend you get the gas. I go every 6 months just for that very reason! 🙂 Ok, not JUST for that reason but it is quite useful in keeping me from having panic attacks about the dentist. Otherwise I am a total basketcase and sweatball – it is NOT pretty.

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