reminding me of what i love

Because that last post was so whiney, and I don’t want it to be the first thing I see when I come here tomorrow, here’s a poem I had published a couple of years ago that makes me all mushy-gushy.  Because I’m in a mush-gush kind of mood.  

Smile Makers

A dog with its head out a car window
Ears flapping, face to the breeze
Watching the world fly by at fifty plus miles an hour.

My father hunched over a flat of annuals
Gripping the trowel, scattering the soil
Immersed in his world of gardens.

Canada geese flying in a perfect V heading south
Alighting on a glass pond, refueling for the journey
Expertly realigning while announcing their departure.

My mother’s intent face as she reads in her rocker
Sometimes laughing out loud, eyes crinkling
At some humor the author has bestowed.

The fushia and white dahlia I planted last summer
Springing from the earth, exploding in brilliant color
Captured in a photograph to admire the year long.

An elderly couple holding hands while strolling
Smiling wrinkled grins, their gray heads together
Conspirators in many years past and forever companions.

One thought on “reminding me of what i love

  1. YES, YES, YES! This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout!
    Hey, crazy, mixed up and confusing world of writing! Yes, I’m talking to you. Here’s your future! Get ready for Finn! She has a ton to offer.:-)

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