ugh and double ugh

Question.  Could I have been any more crampy, bloated, headachy, and disgustingly female than I was/am this weekend?  No, I could not.  Did you really want to know that?  No, you did not.  But I don't care.  I am telling you, when I get my hands on that Eve character, she is going down.  Friday... Continue Reading →

It’s too much!

But seriously folks, what have I done?  I've gone and set up a Facebook account.  Why did I do this?  I honestly do not know.  I have some sort of sick addiction to the Internets and can not resist the pull of the bright lights on the computer screen tempting me to SET UP AN... Continue Reading →

miscellany #1

And so.  Another day down.  Toward what I don't know.  The weekend I guess.  Feeling a bit ho-hum about it all.  And I think aliens came into my bedroom last night and drained my brain of any and all specks of creativity or interesting things to talk about.   But that happens occasionally and so I'll just... Continue Reading →


Going here Friday night with friends.   I've never been but am looking forward to trying something different.  Bon Appetit to us!


Check out the sweet doggie gift basket full of goodies that a very thoughtful friend and former coworker of The Accountant's gave Cooper today!  I never would have even thought to give a new puppy a gift basket but Mama C did!  Thank you so much!  His name was even on the basket - too too cute.  Checking... Continue Reading →

text messaging gone bad

I accidentally called one of my good friends a "ho" today.  My cell phone has been acting all wonky lately, calling people when I haven't dialed, scrolling through my contacts list like a phone possessed and sending text messages before I'm through typing them.  That last thing is what happened today.  It went a little... Continue Reading →

weekend report

This is going to be one of those "what I did this weekend" lame-o posts because I am really tired for some reason.  Oh, probably because I've been staying up too late, not getting enough sleep, and today was wear-the-puppy-out-for-two-hours-before-his-obedience-class-day.  So, this weekend I took Cooper to the vet for his third round of shots and... Continue Reading →

my weirdness

Sometimes to amuse myself when I'm bored I make up really bad goofy rhyming phrases off the cuff like, Friday Friday hooray for you What's for supper, maybe beef stew? Or I wonder things like.... Why cars can't be made out of Nerf so that when people have wrecks, they'll just go flying through the air and land safely... Continue Reading →

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