ugh and double ugh

Question.  Could I have been any more crampy, bloated, headachy, and disgustingly female than I was/am this weekend?  No, I could not.  Did you really want to know that?  No, you did not.  But I don’t care.  I am telling you, when I get my hands on that Eve character, she is going down.  Friday night was extremely and fabulously enjoyable however with dinner at Margo’s and dessert … Continue reading ugh and double ugh


Check out the sweet doggie gift basket full of goodies that a very thoughtful friend and former coworker of The Accountant’s gave Cooper today!  I never would have even thought to give a new puppy a gift basket but Mama C did!  Thank you so much!  His name was even on the basket – too too cute.  Checking it out…. He loves all of it!  My personal favorite … Continue reading presents!

text messaging gone bad

I accidentally called one of my good friends a “ho” today.  My cell phone has been acting all wonky lately, calling people when I haven’t dialed, scrolling through my contacts list like a phone possessed and sending text messages before I’m through typing them.  That last thing is what happened today.  It went a little something like this… Friend:  “I hope you get it!” Finn:  … Continue reading text messaging gone bad

weekend report

This is going to be one of those “what I did this weekend” lame-o posts because I am really tired for some reason.  Oh, probably because I’ve been staying up too late, not getting enough sleep, and today was wear-the-puppy-out-for-two-hours-before-his-obedience-class-day.  So, this weekend I took Cooper to the vet for his third round of shots and rabies vaccination.  He has doubled in weight since we got … Continue reading weekend report

my weirdness

Sometimes to amuse myself when I’m bored I make up really bad goofy rhyming phrases off the cuff like, Friday Friday hooray for you What’s for supper, maybe beef stew? Or I wonder things like…. Why cars can’t be made out of Nerf so that when people have wrecks, they’ll just go flying through the air and land safely after bouncing a few, or several, times.  People would start having … Continue reading my weirdness

follow up to the baby issue

About the Salon article on whether or not to procreate….I’ve written about this before, once in a fit of anger (see below) and another time with a slightly more relenting viewpoint.  I wrote the rant below a few years ago out of sheer frustration upon being inundated with comments and overall rudeness by what I felt was an intrusion by some people into what is not … Continue reading follow up to the baby issue

there are spies among us

Scout has me howling with her post about the Great Church Swap of 2007.  Yes, people, it’s a real, genuine, four alarm, top of the line, state of the art, no holds barred, no strings attached church swap! Hallelujah! “Well, good God, don’t let them convert you,” vehemently declared one historically nutso yet concerned aunt while wringing her hands and slipping into a menopausal heat … Continue reading there are spies among us

when in rome

A friend sent me a link to this article from the Wall Street Journal Online.  It discusses the stickiness that can ensue if your boss wants to be your “friend” on MySpace or Facebook and the dilemma of keeping your personal life separate from your work life.  Either hilarity or disaster are sure to ensue. There is a lot of dialogue these days about the fine line between the … Continue reading when in rome

concert time

In my quest to become a full fledged John Mayer groupie, I’m going to his concert next month at the Sommet/Crochet/Jose/Blase whatever it’s called Center!  Woot!  A friend and I are taking a newly-turned-driver-of-legal-age to the concert for her 16th birthday.  Are we sweet or what?  I went to see Mayer at the now defunct Starwood Amphitheater in 2004 (Maroon Five opened – another fav of … Continue reading concert time


Our house has become an animal soap opera.  I don’t know if I can take much more canine/feline drama. Yesterday Billy got home to find Eli, our sweet gray kitty, lying by the window in the bedroom.  He was dead.  It was so bizarre because that morning he had seemed fine and I had scratched his lil’ kitty head while simultaneously blow drying my hair.  … Continue reading Eli

holy terror

  I’ve discovered that I can relate on some miniscule level with parents of those kids deemed “problem children”, ADD, rebellious teens and toddlers with acid reflux.  Sunday was Cooper’s first day at puppy obedience class. He was by far, the most rebellious, most obnoxious, most hard headed and most distracted puppy pupil in the class of five other dogs.  What a poopy head!  He … Continue reading holy terror

grandmother blankets

Multi-colored butterflies lay spread across an ivory fabric background, each one contained in lavender squares.  They are quilted in place by slender fingers to keep them from flying away.  In one corner these same fingers wrote on the cloth with a fabric pen, “To Jennifer, From Grandma, 1985”.  I was ten years old. Old enough to know that this was a special gift, one to be treasured as … Continue reading grandmother blankets

4th of July memory

This is one of my prized possessions.  It’s a badly scanned copy of a near disintegrated newspaper clipping from probably the late 80’s.  It’s my grandfather at the annual school fair in my hometown.  Hopefully I won’t get sued for violating some sort of copyright law.  I don’t have that many photos of him and this old clipping is one of my favorites.  I often think of my … Continue reading 4th of July memory