4th of July memory

This is one of my prized possessions.  It’s a badly scanned copy of a near disintegrated newspaper clipping from probably the late 80’s.  It’s my grandfather at the annual school fair in my hometown.  Hopefully I won’t get sued for violating some sort of copyright law.  I don’t have that many photos of him and this old clipping is one of my favorites. 

I often think of my grandfather but this week he is especially on my mind because of the holiday.  I keep seeing an image of him on the 4th of July out on the carport of my grandparents old house in Sidonia cranking away at the blue ice cream freezer waiting for the concoction to be just right for serving. 

He was gruff and soft at the same time, made a mean pot of chili and I can still remember what his snoring sounded like from across the hall.   He’d fall asleep in his brown easychair during episodes of 20/20 or The Young Riders with his Sunday school book in his hands and a spitoon on the floor at his side.  He loved fishing, Big Ben overalls and telling me to clean my plate before I’d get any cookies and ice cream for dessert.

I’ll miss him today just a little bit more than usual.

3 thoughts on “4th of July memory

  1. Wonderful post! I just cannot get enough of posts like this one. And the newspaper picture is the cherry on top of the cake.

  2. It was a success and it got eaten up, but I think I drowned it in its own icing and it was a bit too sweet. Next year I’ll do the 3D firecracker thing for sure.

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