Our house has become an animal soap opera.  I don’t know if I can take much more canine/feline drama.

Yesterday Billy got home to find Eli, our sweet gray kitty, lying by the window in the bedroom.  He was dead.  It was so bizarre because that morning he had seemed fine and I had scratched his lil’ kitty head while simultaneously blow drying my hair.  Just like I always do.  He’d meowed his “I’m out of food lady, go feed me” mew and I did just that before leaving for work. 

We don’t know what happened.  I wonder if he had heart failure or was stressed out with the new dog being there.  I hope he went quickly and painlessly. 

He was such a sweet kitty and always wanted to be in the same room as me.  He slept on our bed in the crook of my knees and would perch on the arm of the couch while I was watching tv or on the laptop.

I feel bad for Cartman, his brother, because he seems so lost now.  But last night he came up to me and let me pet him and he purred so I’m hoping that is a good sign.  That was kind of unusual for him because Cartman is like Spiderman or something, always swooping through the living room, not to save the day or anything, but either on his way to hide under the bed or go down to the basement.  He’s not a very social cat and I hope he adjusts ok to being the sole feline of the household.  I should probably take him to the vet to get checked out.

So anyway, bummer day yesterday.  Hopefully things will settle down with all our animal crises soon.

Eli, 9 years old

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  1. oh…rest in peach little Eli. I’m sorry to hear this Finn.

    I’m DREADING and stressing the day my kitties lose eachother…for lots of reasons. First, they are completely inseperable and love each other so much. Second, my (psycho) ex has them and he’ll be a right wreck too… which means I’ll be dealing with drunken phone calls about how much he hate my guts.

  2. me again…

    I just notice your Flickr photos. You are one pretty lady and your hair and cut is just gorgeous! I LOVE the color, so shiny, so vibrant.

    That IS you right?

  3. Thanks ladies. 😦

    Jasmine, yeah, that’s me. And thanks for the compliment. I have to give Clairol Nice ‘n Easy the credit for the color though!

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