concert time

In my quest to become a full fledged John Mayer groupie, I’m going to his concert next month at the Sommet/Crochet/Jose/Blase whatever it’s called Center!  Woot!  A friend and I are taking a newly-turned-driver-of-legal-age to the concert for her 16th birthday.  Are we sweet or what?  I went to see Mayer at the now defunct Starwood Amphitheater in 2004 (Maroon Five opened – another fav of mine) and it was great.  So yes, while I’m giving someone a nice birthday gift of JM’s sweaty guitar playing and writhing facial expressions, it’s a fab gift for me too since he’s one of my favorites.  Ben Folds and James Morrison opening.  I dig those artsy, creative types.

3 thoughts on “concert time

  1. I am so freakin’ jealous. I wanted to go see Mr. Mayer but it just ain’t working out. Have fun. I hope someone can sneak a video camera into that place.

  2. Well, I don’t know about a video camera but I will definitely take lots of pics. I didn’t take my camera last time and was kicking myself that I didn’t have it with me!

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