the holy terror, redeemed

Are you tired of reading about our dog yet?  I would be.  Sorry about that.  Just be happy that we don’t have kids! 

I just wanted to report that puppy obedience class was MUCH improved today.  He didn’t bark nearly so much and we have nearly remedied the leash pulling by getting one of these….a Gentle Leader Headcollar.

gentle leader halter

The other secret is to play, run, hide and seek, throw tennis balls, pig ears, bones, rope toys, sticks and whatever other objects you can find for at least two hours before time for class to begin.  The objective is to wear him out so he has no energy to be bad in class.  Or at least less energy.  Also helpful is getting out the trusty garden hose and having doggie chase the water stream and occasionally dousing him which makes him more agitated and even more excitable. 

Having an inventive mind also helps.  I have created the next Kong dog toy methinks.  Cooper seems to be getting bored with many of his toys and we were desperate to keep him going and going and going to tire him out.  So, I took the empty water bottle I was holding, stripped the label off it and put the label paper and a few small rocks inside to make it rattle.  He loved it.  It kept him busy because his teeth can’t get a good grip on it and the rattle attracts him for some reason.

I also kept him awake on the ride over so he wasn’t able to “cat nap” (ha ha) and store up energy.  One more thing, we didn’t feed him after all that playing so he’d be hungry and ready to do most anything for doggie treats. 

All that planning and exertion resulted in a much better behaved Cooper (although not perfect but I’ll take it) who was able to do the exercises in class and learned how to “Leave It” and “Take It”.  He was a sane, normal dog this time, thank goodness.  I’m just so relieved because I was beginning to think we were going to get kicked out after last week’s escapades

And now I have this lil’ bugger at home, conked out…..
cooper passed out

I’m fixing to join him, although not on the floor.  I’m worn out too.

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