It’s too much!

But seriously folks, what have I done? 

I’ve gone and set up a Facebook account.  Why did I do this?  I honestly do not know.  I have some sort of sick addiction to the Internets and can not resist the pull of the bright lights on the computer screen tempting me to SET UP AN ACCOUNT NOW!!! and LOG ON!!!!  So what’s that bring the count up to now?  Let’s see…there’s this here blog, MySpace, Facebook…oh, only three.  Well that’s not so bad is it?  Wait, does Flickr count?  Yeah probably.  Oh, and my “secret blog” that no one knows about… So that makes five…plus miscellaneous message boards and forums….yikes.

Is there a rehab for this?  Anyone?

7 thoughts on “It’s too much!

Add yours

  1. Girrrl. I’m right there with you. Here’s my list of addictions:

    the blogs, of course
    Frappr Maps

    Crazy, I tell ya!

  2. Ginger – I don’t even know what those last two are!
    A retreat/vacation sounds divine….
    And the “secret blog” is no biggie, more of a place holder for a lot of posts I ditched from this one.

  3. Here’s your solution. Write this down. Have your home internet connection gotten rid of so that you’ll be forced to drive near a business or some other place and feed off that connection. Trust me. You’ll go so bonkers over driving back and forth just to keep up with things, update profiles, etc. that it suddenly won’t even be worth it to join up with the groups.:)

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