miscellany #1

And so.  Another day down.  Toward what I don’t know.  The weekend I guess.  Feeling a bit ho-hum about it all.  And I think aliens came into my bedroom last night and drained my brain of any and all specks of creativity or interesting things to talk about.   But that happens occasionally and so I’ll just grasp at straws here for a bit.

Cooper has decided that he will attempt to chew through two places in the basement walls while we are away at work making money to buy him food, toys and a place to live.  That ungrateful little pup!  There was already a dent in the drywall in one spot and he is now trying to scratch his way through the rest of the way to the other side and into the garage where he will find not a way into the outside world but instead four more walls and a whole lotta garage-type stuff.  You know, model airplanes, antifreeze, shop vacs, flower pots, car washing paraphernalia, rakes, lawn mowers, extension cords, etc etc.  Non-puppy-safe stuff.  The other place he is chewing or scratching at is a foam-like wall right where an electrical wire happens to be.  Perfect.  So he is eventually either going to get stuck under the lawn mower or electrocute himself.  Depending on which wall collapses first.  Neither are good options.  Tomorrow we’re going to test the effectiveness of Bitter Apple taste deterrent and see if that helps.  It’s worked on other things so far so I have high hopes. 

So I’m reading the Shopaholic books these days.  I’ve finished the first two and am into the third.  I go through stages of just wanting to read something lighthearted, funny and quick.  There’s something to be said for the “chick lit” genre.  Can’t talk about reading without mentioning the current Harry Potter mania.  But really, I haven’t been all into it this time.  One of these days I’m going to buy the few Harry Potter books I’m missing and go through the whole series start to finish.  I started off very gung ho with the first two and then fell off the Hogwarts wagon for some reason. 

Last Comic Standing just over, I’m watching American Inventor right now.  I’ve never seen it before but it’s caught my interest tonight.  This guy with the HT Racers is great!  Oh gosh, dude just asked him if little girls would be interested in the racers and he’s saying they can do “ladybugs” and “beetlebugs” for girls!  What?!?  Let me guess, they’re going to be pink or flowery.  Can girls not like the trucks or airplanes?  Geez.  I know I for one, wasn’t into Barbies or dolls much as a kid.  I’d take the Tonka trucks anyday.  Oh, now the tears are flowing.  He’s got this.  Commercial time. 

Let’s end with an Irish dancing sea lion shall we?

One thought on “miscellany #1

  1. Yes, as I recall, your first Santa wish list that I can remember contained a dump truck. We tried the dolls at various times, but you didn’t take to them at all. The dump truck is worn out (and rusting? under the porch, I think.

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