ugh and double ugh

Question.  Could I have been any more crampy, bloated, headachy, and disgustingly female than I was/am this weekend?  No, I could not.  Did you really want to know that?  No, you did not.  But I don’t care.  I am telling you, when I get my hands on that Eve character, she is going down. 

Friday night was extremely and fabulously enjoyable however with dinner at Margo’s and dessert at J. Alexanders.  Billy’s friends (and mine too, I can claim them right?) from ATL showed up which we weren’t expecting so that was an awesome surprise!  Foodwise, dinner was kind of meh, in my opinion.  I have honestly tried my best to give frou frou food a fair shot but nothing I’ve had at these places tastes any better than a good ol’ burger from Logans or better yet, Johnny’s Big Burger (Clarksville here I come).  But maybe that’s just because I’m not a foodie.  Although the chips were yummilicious and B’s chicken looked fab.  Speaking of food, namely ice cream…can we talk about my friends Ben and Jerry and their chocolate chip cookie dough divine concoction?  That stuff is “good for what ails ya”, as my dad (also named Jerry, huh, coincidence? oh, and my bro is named Ben.  I kid you not.) used to say and probably still does. 

Today was class number 5 of 8 for the Coopster and I have no horror stories to report.  Unless you count as a horror story the fact that I think the dog owners are turning into the spitting images of our doggie children.  Have you ever noticed that?  Maybe it’s my imagination but I think we are all morphing into canine caricatures of our pets.  I wish I had pictures to prove it.  I am telling you, there is this one chihuahua in the class and his owner, well, lets just say they favor each other.  A lot.  Another scary thing and another reason I think the dogs are taking over is that I could not tell you the names of any of the dog owners that come to class every week.  But I can tell you the names of each and every dog.  If I see any of these people on the street after this is over I will have to just say “oh, your Little Buddy’s mom” or “aren’t you Seymours dad?”  Too funny. 

I am stressed out about a few things that are going on right now and am not exactly looking forward to the next few weeks.  But I will try to keep my chin up and my eyes on Friday night when I will be going to see Mr. Mayer at the Sommet Center.  And now, to bed.

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