the hunt

This weekend I must don my strongest armor of indifference, cast away my sensitivity and self doubt and go on the hunt for that most elusive of beasts.  A flattering bathing suit.  Ok, that’s probably asking way too much so I will even settle for a semiflattering bathing suit that doesn’t involve a skirt of some kind.  Or gives me prominent wedgies. Ahhhhhh, can you hear me screaming already?!?!  … Continue reading the hunt

a couple of things

So I was wondering today…must we put everything “on ice”?  Is this strictly a Disney thing?  I saw an ad yesterday for High School Musical – ON ICE!!!  Woot.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen ads in the past for The Lion King – ON ICE!!! and Dora the Explorer – ON ICE!!!  And I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see Hannah … Continue reading a couple of things


I’ve never been so thankful to see it rain before, ever.  It made me smile and think of these things. •  The Morton’s salt girl.  One of my favorite logos of all time (my advertising background coming out) and I remember we always had a box of it in the cabinet at home as a kid and I have a box in my own kitchen … Continue reading finally!


I am truly baffled that some people in this world have made it this far in life without getting their asses handed to them on a platter due to their attitudes and how they treat other people.  How have they gone this long without someone with more gumption and honesty than me telling them that they are acting inappropriately and that this is the reason … Continue reading exasperation

Happy Birthday Scout!!!

Today is my friend, fellow blogger and fellow Weakley Countian, Scout’s 26th birthday!  In her honor, here is a Finn original….  There once was a young blogger named Scout It’s her birthday today there’s no doubt She loves hockey, baseball and all kinds of sports She hangs out with Finn, they have fun of all sorts As for cheese, she would please do without! Now, go check out her fabulous piece of … Continue reading Happy Birthday Scout!!!

Canine Pomp and Circumstance

With a huge sigh of relief and thunderous applause, Cooper graduated from puppy obedience class this afternoon.  On the way over I thought the Coopster looked rather debonair and urbane.  Especially with that briefcase next to him, like he was going to trade stocks on Wall Street or something.  After standing outside of PetSmart for 20 minutes trying to get Coop to pee, he finally obliged and … Continue reading Canine Pomp and Circumstance

getting bored

Am I a dork because I like to preview all the different WordPress templates to see what my blog would look like?  I do this all the time with MySpace templates too.  I get bored with the same thing after a while (as is true in many aspects of my life come to think of it) and need a change.  So who knows, you may … Continue reading getting bored

today was tuesday, and this means what?

I dunno what it means but here are some ramblings from my brain…. Sometimes I have trouble keeping my snarky, sarcastic and/or snide comments to myself.  Today was one of those days.  But I managed to keep my mouth shut and not get in trouble.  Sometimes that is just so hard to do.  I think some people would be surprised at what a smartypants I can be.  … Continue reading today was tuesday, and this means what?

raining in pringles

Gotta love baseball right?  I journeyed to Jackson to meet up with Scout and my bro for Saturday night’s Diamond Jaxx and Huntsville Stars game at Pringles Park.  Who wouldn’t have a good time at a place called “Pringles Park”?  Love it. On the way down something very strange happened.  I noticed what appeared to be a liquified substance hitting my windshield.  I am pretty sure … Continue reading raining in pringles

I heart my commute

I love summertime.  Not for the weather, or the vacations or the fourth of July.  No, I love summers because traffic is so much lighter and I have a much better chance of getting to work on time because I don’t have to worry about getting behind school buses stopping at every single house or crawling through school zones.  But I realize a certain amount of schoolin’ is … Continue reading I heart my commute


I’ve gone and done it again.  I’ve joined the YMCA.  So you know what that means right?  Yep, it’s yoga time once again folks.  After what I felt was a pretty hard class last week I left feeling fairly pleased with myself and thinking “oh yeah, I got this”.  And then, the soreness hit me.  Like the proverbial ton of bricks.  Ouch-ee-waa-waa.  I’m fine now, it … Continue reading namaste

common sense please

I’ve written about this topic before and found this article about potential employees and their use of Facebook interesting.  Job candidates who maintain personal sites on Facebook or MySpace are learning – sometimes the hard way – that the image they present to their friends on the Internet may not be best suited for landing the position they’re seeking. One job applicant indicated in his Facebook profile that … Continue reading common sense please

food and friends

Hello all.  Another weekend has flown by much too fast.  This one was cram-packed full too, except for today.  Now, see if you can get this straight…one day I’ll come up with catchy nicknames for these people and make reading about them much easier, but for now….The Accountant, The Accountant’s brother,  The Accountant’s brother’s girlfriend, a friend of The Accountant’s brother and the girlfriend of … Continue reading food and friends

missing you

I fully realize that I’m a grown, married woman of 30-something age.  But sometimes I still feel like that insecure, naive but hopeful high school girl of the 90s.   I miss her some days.  Back then I was preoccupied with adolescent dramas involving the opposite sex, making the grades, basketball games and looking ahead to college and an unknown life that held the possibilities of, well, anything at all really.  The future … Continue reading missing you


So let’s talk about me for a little while, how ’bout it?  First of all, our ac is out of commission and we think it’s the compressor (is that what it’s called) so it’s probably gonna cost a jillion dollars.  There goes the Maserati fund.  Poor Cooper is panting, barking and whining.  He’s not used to roughing it like this.  I am not going to sleep tonight.  … Continue reading me