the hunt

This weekend I must don my strongest armor of indifference, cast away my sensitivity and self doubt and go on the hunt for that most elusive of beasts.  A flattering bathing suit.  Ok, that's probably asking way too much so I will even settle for a semiflattering bathing suit that doesn't involve a skirt of some kind.  Or... Continue Reading →

a couple of things

So I was wondering today...must we put everything "on ice"?  Is this strictly a Disney thing?  I saw an ad yesterday for High School Musical - ON ICE!!!  Woot.  I'm pretty sure I've seen ads in the past for The Lion King - ON ICE!!! and Dora the Explorer - ON ICE!!!  And I'm sure... Continue Reading →


I've never been so thankful to see it rain before, ever.  It made me smile and think of these things. •  The Morton's salt girl.  One of my favorite logos of all time (my advertising background coming out) and I remember we always had a box of it in the cabinet at home as a... Continue Reading →

sending the wrong signal?

I almost complimented a lady in the restroom stall next to me on her uber fabulous chartreuse heels today.  But then it occurred to me that she might be an undercover cop wearing magnificent footwear and what if that was the signal for soliciting lewd acts in a public restroom? So I didn't. 


I am truly baffled that some people in this world have made it this far in life without getting their asses handed to them on a platter due to their attitudes and how they treat other people.  How have they gone this long without someone with more gumption and honesty than me telling them that... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Scout!!!

Today is my friend, fellow blogger and fellow Weakley Countian, Scout's 26th birthday!  In her honor, here is a Finn original....  There once was a young blogger named Scout It's her birthday today there's no doubt She loves hockey, baseball and all kinds of sports She hangs out with Finn, they have fun of all sorts As for cheese, she would please... Continue Reading →

Canine Pomp and Circumstance

With a huge sigh of relief and thunderous applause, Cooper graduated from puppy obedience class this afternoon.  On the way over I thought the Coopster looked rather debonair and urbane.  Especially with that briefcase next to him, like he was going to trade stocks on Wall Street or something.  After standing outside of PetSmart for 20 minutes... Continue Reading →

getting bored

Am I a dork because I like to preview all the different WordPress templates to see what my blog would look like?  I do this all the time with MySpace templates too.  I get bored with the same thing after a while (as is true in many aspects of my life come to think of... Continue Reading →

hurts so good

My butt hurts.  And my legs.  And my arms some too.  Chick in the Green Shirt (she needs a shorter nickname I think) and I worked out together yesterday.  This was the first time I've officially worked out, as in cardio and weights, in a very LONG time.  We did 30 minutes on the treadmill, a round... Continue Reading →

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