recap by the old lady

I’m due to write up a concert recap for my five lovely readers.  So here we go.  Bottom line, it was fabulous!  A dinner of burgers and fries at Rotiers was first on the agenda and it was yummilcious!  Made our way to the Sommet in plenty of time to find our seats and check out the crowd.  Then it was time.  James Morrison only sang a tiny few songs but he was good.  Ben Folds killed it.  Seriously.  Love him.  And of course, my Johnny boy was super cool.  As always.  It was over way too soon. 

I love concerts.  Don’t know why I don’t go to more of them.  I took some decent pictures and tried to master the video option on my digital camera on the fly but all I ended up with were about four videos that last only three seconds each.  Heh.  High quality AV right there. 

What I gained from Friday night, in addition to spending time with a couple of super girlfriends and a wonderful evening of entertainment, was further confirmation that I am getting OLD. 

There is nothing like pausing to laugh at yourself as you stuff a couple of kleenex in the front pocket of your low rise jeans, just because you “might need them”.  I’m turning into my grandma.  Do you think the teeny-bopper chicks in their high heels and skin-baring outfits had kleenex in their pockets?  I highly doubt it. 

Then on the ride downtown it somehow came up that the youngest of the three in the car was born in the 90s.  As in the 1990s!!!  Now mathematically, this makes perfect sense because she is a teenager.  But mentally I can’t grasp it.  According to the math, I was a freshman in high school when she was born.  Groan.

JM’s “Stop This Train” has never been more pertinent. 

Luckily, it wasn’t only teens in the crowd.  There was a good mix of teens and old fogeys like myself.  As a matter of fact, we had to fend off one particularly skeevy old fogey from hitting on Miss Born in the 1990s and from spilling his beer all over us in the concession line.  (Know how I know he was a skeevy perv?  Because he wore socks with his sandals.  That’s how.)  He got a bit confrontational and his lady friend is probably in trouble now for trying to get him to behave. 

Great night.  Can’t wait for the next one.  And I didn’t need the kleenex after all.  Just in case you were wondering.

5 thoughts on “recap by the old lady

  1. Your grandma (on your dad’s side) once insisted I go to a “yard sale” in the old folks apartment complex where she lives. The elderly woman across the street was about to move into the nursing home, and all her blazers, etc., would supposedly be a perfect fit for me as we were the same size. Well, anyway, everyone of those blazers and slacks had kleenex in the pockets. I’m only hoping they hadn’t been used!

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