scientific study from my desk

I have made an annoying discovery today.  If you keep the radio tuned to the same station all day (107.5, I’m lookin’ at you) and hardly leave your desk, a strange thing happens.  You will hear Rihanna singing about her Umbrella, ella, ella 25.8 times during the day.  Sean Kingston will drive you batty with his Suicidal/Beautiful Girls nonsense at least 32 times.  And Fergie will bemoan how Big Girls Don’t Cry 18.4 times during the course of an eight hour period. 

I would change stations but this is my only choice due to reception issues.  Tomorrow it’s definitely the ipod or cds.  I can’t take it.

5 thoughts on “scientific study from my desk

  1. You should come to the dark side and convert to XM radio…you can listen at work and there’s tons of stations to listen to (on-line) that will play the same songs over and over again. Atleast with XM you won’t have just one station to drive you crazy, you’ll have many, many more!

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