missing you

I fully realize that I'm a grown, married woman of 30-something age.  But sometimes I still feel like that insecure, naive but hopeful high school girl of the 90s.   I miss her some days.  Back then I was preoccupied with adolescent dramas involving the opposite sex, making the grades, basketball games and looking ahead to college and an unknown life that held... Continue Reading →

still hot

The Accountant is home right now waiting on the AC guy to come out and see what is going on.  The guy called and can't come out until after 12:00 today so looks like hubs gets a day off.  Last night wasn't so bad actually.  The ac somehow managed to cool the house down to... Continue Reading →


So let's talk about me for a little while, how 'bout it?  First of all, our ac is out of commission and we think it's the compressor (is that what it's called) so it's probably gonna cost a jillion dollars.  There goes the Maserati fund.  Poor Cooper is panting, barking and whining.  He's not used to roughing... Continue Reading →

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