food and friends

Hello all.  Another weekend has flown by much too fast.  This one was cram-packed full too, except for today. 

Now, see if you can get this straight…one day I’ll come up with catchy nicknames for these people and make reading about them much easier, but for now….The Accountant, The Accountant’s brother,  The Accountant’s brother’s girlfriend, a friend of The Accountant’s brother and the girlfriend of The Accountant’s brother’s friend took my father-in-law out for a belated birthday dinner to Maggiano’s on Friday night.  I probably gained ten pounds from that meal alone but it was so worth it.  The father-in-law took buckets of food home as well.  I discovered a new found love of fried zucchini.  I think for the first time ever I may have found something I like better than chocolate cake.  Cheesecake.  At least this particular cheesecake anyway.  To die for.  

Miscellaneous galavanting occurred after dinner to Borders and such where I bought a copy of Vogue and a book I’ve been wanting.  Heaven must be a bookstore.  I love them so much.  All of them. 

I stayed up until 3:30 am putting together a scrapbook for my college roommate made of old pictures of us from college.  I thought about posting some but many of them are quite incriminating.  Especially the ones where we dressed up like men, with painted on stubble and unibrows.  What can I say?  We were bored that particular night.  We were such goofy girls back then.  Still are I guess. 

Saturday The Accountant and I headed to Bellevue to meet up with my friend and her two adorable little girls.  These kids are precious, and I’m not big on other people’s kids either.  They are just so sweet and well behaved.  And cute to boot.  

My friend D loved the album and we laughed so hard I’m sure people thought we were loons.  She showed her six year old one of the pictures of her dressed as a member of the opposite sex and asked her who she thought it was.  K scrunched up her little face and said “Mr. Billy?”  (Mr. Billy = The Accountant)  We about lost it.  When we told her it was her mom and me, the look on her face was one of confusion, panic and hysteria.  But she got over it and then just kept asking us why we were dressed like boys. 

And that brings us to Sunday.  I haven’t felt so hot today so I’ve been a bit lazy but did get some housework done.  I feel old when I say I’ve been doing “housework”.  That’s something your mom or grandma does, “housework”.  Heh.   The Accountant took Cooper to puppy training on his own today.  Only two more classes left and he’ll graduate.  Or whatever they do in puppy class to mark that you’ve completed the course. 

Guess this turned out to be one of those diary-like-accounts-of-my-day that I try to avoid.  Ick. 

2 thoughts on “food and friends

  1. Mmmm, Maggiano’s and Borders. Sounds like a great night.

    I feel inspired to make a scrapbook for MY college roommate, who just moved from here to Atlanta… [sniffles]

  2. What a thoughtful thing to do!:-)Awesome! Glad you had fun.
    Cheesecake, though…wellll….
    Great post!

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