common sense please

I’ve written about this topic before and found this article about potential employees and their use of Facebook interesting. 

Job candidates who maintain personal sites on Facebook or MySpace are learning – sometimes the hard way – that the image they present to their friends on the Internet may not be best suited for landing the position they’re seeking.

One job applicant indicated in his Facebook profile that he was a leading hacker, and he was applying to be a computer security analyst, said Ponemon. He didn’t get the job.

But wouldn’t you want the hacker on your side?  🙂

Listen up people, you have got to use common sense when posting photos of yourself in all your glory at that fraternity kegger.  Or for instance, if I were an employer checking up on a potential job candidate and saw that on Facebook you proclaimed to be a top-notch jewelry thief and you were applying for a job at Tiffany’s, I’d simply not hire you based on the fact that you are a complete idiot. 

I just find it amazing what people put on the internet these days not thinking about the potential consequences.  Even though I think there is a large gray area as to what should and should not count against you online, common sense is always a good call.

But then again, where’s the fun in that?

6 thoughts on “common sense please

  1. There was a receptionist at my company whose myspace was very revealing… lots of drinking & boobage. I wouldn’t hire her! I don’t think there are ::that:: many employers, though, who do check myspace or facebook – or are there?

  2. I used Facebook and MySpace timestamps to provide documentation that a subordinate, part-time employee was lying to me about doing actual work, based on when they were posting. I feel kind of dirty about it, but I kept having to take work home and that work was the entire reason they were hired, it became awfully frustrating (and then, infuriating, to find wall posts complaining of being BORED AT WORK).

  3. People had to know this sort of thing was coming. I mean, employers do everything from background investigations, to credit checks to personal and professional reference calling. Why wouldn’t they Google someone? It only makes sense. I don’t think it’s fair, but I can’t blame companies for trying to hire good people.

  4. Lord help me sweet Jebus… I didn’t think of that! I’m going to be looking for a job in February too. Who’s gonna hire a self absorbed narcisistic porn addict who blogs all day at work? I’m in trouble.

  5. I’m continually amazed at the…candor…on myspace, although I don’t really frequent the facebook.

    p.s. clicking around and found your blog the long way. good stuff.

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