small world, big sky

I may complain about my long commute but truth be told, I like the alone time.  It makes for good thinking time.  More often that not, I’ll turn off the radio (especially since I am sick of the Umbrella, Ella, Ella song) and just let my mind wander around as it will. 

The other day I was driving somewhere and noticed how awesome the sky looked.  There were a few gray clouds amongst the blue and the sun was streaming through and making lovely streaks of light that came down to touch the horizon in perfect straight glimmer lines.  I love skies like that.  This got me to thinking about how odd it was that all these people were scurrying around in little metal boxes along the interstate and on roads all over the world, or sitting in shelters of some sort, or walking around just doing our human-like things on this little sphere of earth.  And that from the great big sky looking down it must look like a toy of some sort, a small ball full of dollhouses and Matchbox cars with little toy people milling about.  It made me think about how little we really are, how small and insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe and space. 

And this my friends, is why I should not take long roadtrips by myself.

2 thoughts on “small world, big sky

  1. I kind of get the same thoughts..when I’m traveling I sometimes think how odd it is that humans are flying about in these metal boxes, both on earth, and in those flying tubes in the air.

    strips of concretes and humans zinging along..sometimes it just seems funny to me

  2. …. and you should DEFINATELY not get acquainted with our bong if you ever come over to visit Steve and I. Apparently you don’t need any “inspiration” for deep thinking.

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