today was tuesday, and this means what?

I dunno what it means but here are some ramblings from my brain….

Sometimes I have trouble keeping my snarky, sarcastic and/or snide comments to myself.  Today was one of those days.  But I managed to keep my mouth shut and not get in trouble.  Sometimes that is just so hard to do.  I think some people would be surprised at what a smartypants I can be.  Just like an annoying brat in junior high.  But my smartypantsness is usually contained to my brain because I am either too smart to say it out loud or too scared.  Whichever.

Tonight I was expecting a nice, calming, relaxing 45 minutes of yoga but when I walk in, there on the floor stretching is the yoga instructor from down under (and I don’t mean Australia).  Do I walk out?  No, I decide to be brave and head for the cabinet to get my equipment and set up.  I’m prepped for a repeat of last Thursday’s class, and the soreness that came a couple of days later.  But I think this teacher might grow on me.  Once again, I found it to be fun and I came out of class in a good mood and with all tension released.  Even if we did have to roar like a lion and then lie with our butts to the wall, feet and legs against said wall with a blanket covering us from feet to neck, like a tent.  I am learning to enjoy looking ridiculous with a room full of others doing the same.  It feels good.  ROAR!

Happy Birthday to JH tomorrow!!!  She saw some pictures of me today from college acting a fool and is still my friend.  I think.  Right girl?

3.5 weeks until our vacation to the beach!  Where my pasty white self will blend perfectly into the sand and in order not to disappear forever I will have to either carry a red hanky on a stick or wear a very bright bathing suit.  I will not go further than knee deep into the ocean because I am a’skeered.  Even though I’m the polar opposite of tan and can’t swim even one tiny bit, I still love going to the beach.  The ocean and the salty air are very calming for me.  Good for the soul. 

I wish I didn’t need sleep.  I could get so much more done.

I returned three very overdue library books tonight.  Sort of.  I snuck to the library under the protection of darkness all the way in the back to put them in the book depository.  Surprised I didn’t get mugged, it was scary back there.  Eventually I will pay the fines.  Promise.

Cooper “graduates” from puppy class this weekend.  There will be pictures.  Please send gifts.

Our cat puked on the bed the other day.  It was grossness.

I am taking the GRE in October.  What am I thinking?  I must be crazy.  Don’t tell anyone.  I need to be studying.  Right now.  This instant.

I had another deep thought today while driving but I cannot remember what in the heck it was.  It was profound though, I know that much. 

Bedtime.  Maybe I’ll be better at sticking with one particular topic per post tomorrow.  But sometimes, it’s just good to be random. 

3 thoughts on “today was tuesday, and this means what?

  1. Don’t stick to one topic. I love the randomness of it all. It’s kinda nice to know that a Tuesday can be filled with all sorts of life’s little adventures.

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