hurts so good

My butt hurts.  And my legs.  And my arms some too. 

Chick in the Green Shirt (she needs a shorter nickname I think) and I worked out together yesterday.  This was the first time I’ve officially worked out, as in cardio and weights, in a very LONG time.  We did 30 minutes on the treadmill, a round of lunges and then some weights.  The lunges are what killed me, and my poor booty. 

It’s not so bad unless I’ve been sitting for a long time and have to get up.  Like in church this morning.  The preacher will talk for about 30 minutes and then we stand up to sing.  Or try to.  Oy.  I knew it was coming, that I’d have to stand up and that it wouldn’t be pretty.  The time came and I took a deep breath, hugged a hymnal with one hand and clutched the back of the pew in front of me with the other.  Then I whispered “heaven help me” under my breath and heaved.  I stifled curses as I inched slowly upward and winced as the pain moved from inner thighs to buttocks.  I made it to a standing position before the first verse was over, so that was good yeah?

Green Shirt Girl (I’m trying different names out ya see) is an excellent motivator and work out partner I have to say.  She really should be a personal trainer or some such.  She assures me that yoga tomorrow will help the soreness and not make it worse so I’m hopeful she’s right.  Now the trick is to keep up my good habits and not fall off the wagon yet again.  Working out once every couple of months does nothing for the poundage, believe me, I know this for a fact.  Think I can lose 20 pounds in time for our vacation in 3 weeks?  Me neither. 

3 thoughts on “hurts so good

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m sore, too! 😉 But wasn’t that a GREAT workout? If Yoga doesn’t make you feel better then I owe you dinner.

  2. Flutter – I thought about that or maybe CIGS, but that makes me think of cigarettes!

    Chick in the Green Shirt – really? You’re sore too? I think you’re right that yoga will help tomorrow. But either way, we should still do dinner. 🙂

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