I am truly baffled that some people in this world have made it this far in life without getting their asses handed to them on a platter due to their attitudes and how they treat other people.  How have they gone this long without someone with more gumption and honesty than me telling them that they are acting inappropriately and that this is the reason you have no friends and why no one wants to be around you?  Until someone tells them straight up, they will never be able to see that this is how it is because they are already wearing blinders to accentuate their case of severe tunnel vision.  They are clueless to those around them and clueless to how they come off to other people.  Not realizing what they are doing is no excuse.  “That’s just the way they are” is getting to be a tired and tattered mantra for those who should know better by now.

6 thoughts on “exasperation

  1. I TOTALLY agree. You are right on! Dennis Miller would be proud of your rant.

  2. Well, glad I’m not alone in knowing someone or someones like this and having to deal with them. So frustrating though!

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