taking a break

I’m not sure the bed is the optimal study area.  I’m sitting up in bed with my laptop, GRE books, study CDs, papers, notebooks, pens, highlighters, cell phone, emergency kleenex for my sneezes, beverages, and poptarts spread all around me on top of the quilt and on the nightstand.  I should probably move to my desk because my butt keeps falling asleep but it would be a … Continue reading taking a break

I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

I love a good debate.  From afar.  I would last about .003 seconds as a lawyer.   I suck at defending agruments.  Yet, I love following the more controversial topics on MCB (and elsewhere) and the various “discussions” that inevitably ensue.  Maybe that makes me a political voyeur of some sort.  It’s not that I don’t have opinions about things (and I do vote by the way). That’s just the … Continue reading I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

wow i’m boring

I suppose I am back in the routine after being on vacation.  Woohoo.  I’ve successfully thrown flaming sacks of dog poo (readily available to me) at anyone making a comment in any way resembling “I thought you went to the beach, so where’s your tan?”.  I had gazillion emails to catch up on at the 9 to 5 and I suppose I’m back into the swing of things in … Continue reading wow i’m boring

back into it

We had a fabulous time away in sunny Florida as you could probably tell.  The only bad thing about vacations is that annoying coming back home part.  The build up and planning for vacations are fun, the actual time away is even better, but the return home and descent back into real life can be disappointing for me.   Not that I have this horrid awful everyday life or anything … Continue reading back into it

it’s a bird…

Wow.  Just wow.  We went to Pensacola Naval Air Station this morning to watch the Blue Angels practice.  It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never been to an air show before and it was a bit scary, a tad loud and a LOT spectacular!   Meet my new friend, pilot of the #3 plane, Major Clint Harris. After watching the practice, we … Continue reading it’s a bird…

out of touch

Its funny how disconnected you can feel when you go away for a while.  And, ironically, I am probably about as in touch as it gets since I have access to the computer and cell phone.  But even with those communication devices I’m only using them to keep in contact with a few people and am not checking the Nashville news, certainly not checking work email … Continue reading out of touch


I’ve never watched more than a few minutes of the Emmy’s until tonight.  Now I know why.  It’s a complete snoozefest.  And what was the big deal about Ryan Seacrest hosting?  E! made it seem like some huge gig but he was only on for about 3 minutes at the beginning and I haven’t seen him since.  Tough job.  Someone is snoring on the couch next … Continue reading zzzzz

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

I was off work today but it wasn’t much of a vacation day.  I cleaned, took the Elephant to the shop only to bring it right back home, did laundry, packed and am now sitting in bed rockin’ a killer spray tan.  That last item is probably worth a post of its own at some point.  Anywho, this may or may not be my last post for several days so until … Continue reading So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

the only time I find ceiling tiles amusing

I had to go to the dentist first thing this morning for my regular cleaning.  It’s well documented here and here that I hate going to the dentist.  It ranks right up there with my fear of sharks and horror movies coming to life. I dig nitrous oxide to the point that I’m disappointed when it’s time to exhale.  As always happens, all these hidden … Continue reading the only time I find ceiling tiles amusing


In the midst of drought, floods, war and destruction I’m choosing to blog about the VMAs and Britney’s “comeback” performance.  So sue me.  Disclaimer: I watch the VMA’s because I’m a shallow, empty, sad person.  Nah, not really.  I’m just really bored tonight and don’t want to fold the laundry.  I know it’s easy for non-celebrity types to criticize those in the spotlight because of what … Continue reading brit-brit

it all ends in a pile of poop in the middle of the bed

I love September.  The weather is just right and my favorite season is just around the corner.  Plus, it’s birthday-palooza around here.  My brother’s was Thursday, dad’s is on Halloween, then mom and me in December only a week apart.  Throw in some grandparent’s special days and you’ve got a party, or several.  And of course, vacation is coming up in less than a week … Continue reading it all ends in a pile of poop in the middle of the bed