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pole magnet

13 Sep

Today is my Friday and I am so grateful.  I’ll spend tonight and tomorrow packing, cleaning the house, taking Cooper to the kennel and other last minute tasks. 

I need this vacation like you wouldn’t believe.  I need the time to recharge, rethink and renew myself.  I’m looking forward to doing a lot of reading and a lot of lounging.  It’s been a few years since we’ve been to the beach and I’ve missed it.  

You have GOT to be kidding me……..

Ok, after I wrote the above I just happened to ram my car into yet another pole in the parking garage.  The rearview mirror is dangling by a single wire and the driver’s side door is completely bashed in.  Can you believe it?!  Thus the “pissed off” face you see to the right.  Right now I really just want to recite every obscenity I know, plus the new ones I’ve just invented.

Weirdness: I looked back on this here blog and did you know that the last time I hit a pole in this very same god-forsaken garage was the day AFTER I returned from vacation…this time I hit it on the day BEFORE going on vacation.  {{Insert eerie music here}} 

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