doubting and questions

Please excuse my fit of panic yesterday.  It’s just a bit overwhelming when confronted with bits of knowledge that I haven’t had to use in years but that I have to resurrect to pass some test, only to brain dump it all once more, never to be used again.  Seems a tad bit silly doesn’t it? 

I managed to get some good study time in yesterday and it doesn’t seem quite as scary now. 

Sidenote: must the Texans play like doo today?  ‘Cause that’s what they’re doing right now.

I’m also rolling around this decision to return to school in my head and am second guessing a lot of things.  I just don’t know.  Am I doing this only because I’m bored?  Because I AM bored people.  Out of my freakin’ mind.  Desperately, extremely and terribly disinterested and weary.   I need something new and have needed that for a very long time.  Too long.  But what happens when I pass the test, get into grad school and graduate from grad school?  What then?  All the while, I’ll still be doing the big bad terribly boring thing along the way.  Can I stand it?  Good decision, bad decision?  Will I go through all this only to end up still engaged in the big bad terribly boring thing?  Is it going to be a big fat waste of money and time? 

Maybe I need to go on Roadtrip Nation instead. 

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