rub a dub dub

there’s a dog in my tub

Cooper has developed a very cute, if annoying habit of jumping into the bathtub every time he comes in from outside.  He waits for us to turn on the water and then he’ll drink from the faucet.  He jumps out of the tub onto a towel and goes about his doggie business. 

Crazy pup.

9 thoughts on “rub a dub dub

  1. That’s funny! I wish my dog was just as excited about taking a bath. Instead, she only likes being in the bathroom whenever anyone in my family takes a shower or bath.

  2. That’s so cute! My kitty jumps into the sink every morning and licks at the dry faucet until we turn it on so she can drink from it. She has us trained! What is it with animals only wanting to drink running water?!

  3. Ha. This reminds me of Polly & Mr. Mac’s dog who slept in their tub in the summer time because it was such a cool place.

  4. Oh my gawsh, he’s SO cute… and humongous already. What the heck happened to that tiny little thing you posted about – in what seems like just yesterday.

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