wow i’m boring

I suppose I am back in the routine after being on vacation.  Woohoo.  I’ve successfully thrown flaming sacks of dog poo (readily available to me) at anyone making a comment in any way resembling “I thought you went to the beach, so where’s your tan?”. 

I had gazillion emails to catch up on at the 9 to 5 and I suppose I’m back into the swing of things in that regard as well.  But, as we must retain a Swiss-like neutrality on this here blog about the four letter word that begins with a “w” and ends with a “k”, we’ll just leave it at that. 

I saw MJ from The Real World Philadelphia at Which Wich on Tuesday.  Does that count as a celebrity sighting?  Probably not.

That’s it, I got nothin’.

2 thoughts on “wow i’m boring

  1. LOL, I got sick almost immediately after getting home from my vacation. My doctor was listening to my breathing and he said, “Oh-ho, tan lines!” I had to giggle, because everyone else said I didn’t look like I got any sun.

  2. we went to san diego and you know? No one asked me that question, which I think is a total testament to my general state of uberwhiteness

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