I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

I love a good debate.  From afar.  I would last about .003 seconds as a lawyer.   I suck at defending agruments.  Yet, I love following the more controversial topics on MCB (and elsewhere) and the various “discussions” that inevitably ensue.  Maybe that makes me a political voyeur of some sort. 

It’s not that I don’t have opinions about things (and I do vote by the way). That’s just the thing, we all have our own opinions many of which were shaped by how we grew up.  I guess I am of the “agree to disagree” mentality. 

I just see futility in trying to get others to agree with my opinion when we are all different people and see things from different perspectives.  Everything is relative.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t care what you think many times.  So the fact that we would disagree if the topic ever came up is of no concern to me. 

Yeah, I’d also make a horrible polititian.

Many times I look at opposing viewpoints and can see why each person thinks the way they do about the issue.  Some may call that being fickle but I like to say it’s more along the lines of being open minded and realizing it’s “different strokes for different folks”.  And not letting things that I can’t control get under my skin to the point of elevated blood pressure and subsequent bashing of the head against the keyboard.

Peace and love ya’ll.

One thought on “I would’ve been kicked off the debate team

  1. I don’t think being open-minded and understanding is wishy-washy at all!

    “I hate” posts are sometimes therapeutic, but only if written for the particular purpose of catharsis.

    I was crying hysterically when I was composing mine. It was not cathartic.

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