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Halloween baby

31 Oct

Happy Birthday Dad! 

Love you lots!

(posting is gonna be light folks, as I am cramming)

on the road & a near naked cat

28 Oct

I’ve done a lot of getting up early and a lot of driving this weekend and I’m a bit tired.  I made stops in the majority of the towns dotting Weakley County this weekend, and some places were blessed/cursed with my presence multiple times.  I accomplished a lot though and got to visit my other grandparents who I’ve felt a bit neglectful of late.  I also was able to spend a few minutes experiencing my first chai latte at BDx with Scout, always a good time.  An early birthday celebration for my dad capped off the weekend.  Oh, remind me to post pictures of the newly sheared, nearly naked cat, Bogey. 

Grandmother is now in a nursing home/rehab facility.  I’m glad she’s getting the physical therapy that she needs but the environment is less than desirable.  She shares a tiny room with another lady who can’t communicate very well and leaves the television on 24-7.  It’s crowded and to be honest, very depressing.  It’s primarily a nursing home with a rehab component and nursing homes are just sad places to me.  And the smell is well, distinctive.  I’ll be so glad when she can come home.  She didn’t have a very good day Saturday and she just looked so diminutive and fragile lying in that bed.  I was so disappointed too because I had recorded myself playing a few very simple tunes on the organ that sits in our dining room and used to sit in her house.  I’d listened to the recording earlier in the day but I must have jinxed myself with my previous post about the bane of technology because I couldn’t get the digital recorder to work when it came time for the grand performance!  This after promising to play it for her and getting the only smile from her I saw all day.  Ugh, I was sick about it.  But I’ve assured her that she wasn’t missing anything but what sounded like the plink-plinking of a kindergartner and I would practice more and present her with much better musical fare very soon.

Oh yes, Bogey…



this is scary

28 Oct

Here’s a timely photo (although bad quality) plucked out of my mother’s photo box last weekend.  My brother and I in our amazingly creative and original Halloween costumes.  I have no idea what year it is but aren’t we a pair?  Of what, I’m not so sure.  What do you think I am here?  A pirate, a punk rocker, a hobo with a black eye?  If I recall correctly, I was attempting to be choice #2, a punk rocker.  Not sure how successful I was however.

Wow I have humongous feet!

they probably said the same thing about electricity

26 Oct

Where would we be without computers?  I for one, would be in a much happier place this week.  We’ve been having major trouble with a certain website that our livelihoods depend on at the-place-that-shall-not-be-named and it has been driving me batty (excellent use of a Halloween pun don’t you think?).   

All this trouble in cyberland got me to thinking about what a state most people would be in if the computers just decided they were tired and shut the heck down.  I am picturing mass hysteria across the country and bloggers rioting in the streets.  It’s kind of scary to think how much we all depend on computers and the internet to do all sorts of things from managing finances, keeping records, medical procedures, and on and on we could go.   

A slave to the machine indeed.


25 Oct

I’m on edge this week.  I’ve had a headache and stiff muscles for three days now.  I wake up with a headache that tylenol won’t ease and a tenseness in my neck and shoulders that doesn’t go away.  I would say it has something to do with the weather but I usually love dreary rainy days like these.  Or at least I love them when I can stay home and enjoy them.  I wish I could curl up in bed with a book of sad poems or watch Hepburn movies all day, Audrey or Katherine.  That would be divine.  I think I’m tired of people.  In general.  I’m entering hermit mode.  There are times during the day when I just want to close my eyes, shut everyone out and float away somewhere all by myself.  To anywhere but here. 

family stuff

24 Oct

My grandmother is doing well according to the doctors and was discharged from the hospital yesterday and transferred to a rehab facility.  She’ll be there for a few weeks and I guess we’ll go from there. 

It’s hard to still think of yourself as a kid and to watch the adults in your life age and deal with the ailments that go along with that.  The woman that was propped up in the hospital recliner is the same one that made my brother and me a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of chocolate milk in the mornings when we’d spend weekends at our grandparents house.  She used to be a master of the holiday feast.  She made turkey, dressing and all the fixings, plus a coconut cake for every holiday gathering that would make Paula Deen cry with jealousy.  She was an impeccable housekeeper and there was nary a speck of dust to be found in her home.  My brother and I would sock-skate through the utility room on the shiny green linoleum and our white socks would still be white after our roller derby marathons.  Over the years macular degeneration has taken much of her eyesight and there are now some dust bunnies lying around her apartment, but it’s still probably cleaner than my house.

It was so great to see her this weekend but also difficult.  She’s never been incapacitated like this and it is just hard to see her so physically helpless.  I’m sure it’s tough for her as well to not be able to do for herself like before.  But recovery looks positive and she is surrounded by people who love her.  The family took turns staying at the hospital with her around the clock so she’s never been alone.  (which is another post altogether as my grandma is, shall we say, “particular” about many things)

What is it about unfortunate events that bring people closer together?  My extended family is not what you’d consider close.  We’ve never been the type of family to just drop in on each other or call to chat that much with the exception of the grandparents.  We used to get together for the major holidays at my grandparents’ house but after grandpa died and grandma “moved to town” those gatherings sort of tapered off.  I don’t know why really, I guess we’re just ornery that way. 

However, come a wedding (yes, some of these could be considered “unfortunate events”), funeral, or hospital stay and we manage to congregate at the scene.  Grandma’s hospital room was full of relatives I hadn’t seen in ages.  I saw an uncle and cousins I haven’t seen in over eight years and met a couple of my cousins’ children for the first time, as well as my uncle’s new wife. 

Grandma saw this event as bringing the family closer together and it has done that in various ways, for the time being.   And that’s good.  It was kind of weird actually.  But in a nice, although bittersweet way. 

So send up a prayer for my gramma if that’s your thing and I’ll be heading back to Weakley this weekend.  Wonder if I’ll meet a long lost auntie or some such?

what i learned today

23 Oct

I know I said I wasn’t going to speak of this again but I feel I must share this valuable information with you that you might not be aware of; a public service announcement if you will. 

Apparently when you grow up, become an adult and have been an active participant in the “real world” for a few years, you are also magically transformed into a complete dunce.  This is according to and confirmed by my GRE scores which I received in the mail today. 

You’re welcome.

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