on the road & a near naked cat

I’ve done a lot of getting up early and a lot of driving this weekend and I’m a bit tired.  I made stops in the majority of the towns dotting Weakley County this weekend, and some places were blessed/cursed with my presence multiple times.  I accomplished a lot though and got to visit my other grandparents who I’ve felt a bit neglectful of late.  I also was able to spend a … Continue reading on the road & a near naked cat

they probably said the same thing about electricity

Where would we be without computers?  I for one, would be in a much happier place this week.  We’ve been having major trouble with a certain website that our livelihoods depend on at the-place-that-shall-not-be-named and it has been driving me batty (excellent use of a Halloween pun don’t you think?).    All this trouble in cyberland got me to thinking about what a state most people would … Continue reading they probably said the same thing about electricity


I’m on edge this week.  I’ve had a headache and stiff muscles for three days now.  I wake up with a headache that tylenol won’t ease and a tenseness in my neck and shoulders that doesn’t go away.  I would say it has something to do with the weather but I usually love dreary rainy days like these.  Or at least I love them when I can … Continue reading wishing

it’s true

Those Nationwide commercials with the slogan “Life comes at you fast” are so true aren’t they?  Yesterday I was cooking supper, er, well, ok so I was on the phone ordering pizza and I received a call on the other line.  As a complete aside here, you should know that I loathe call waiting.  I think it is a tool of Satan.  It is the rudest thing ever to be talking with someone … Continue reading it’s true

pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog

Dogs are gross.  Cooper can stink up a room with some of the most horrendous passing of the gas you’ve ever had waft by your nose.  Oh my goodness.  I think some of the treats we bought don’t agree with him.  And the humping of his bed isn’t too pretty either.  He’s a disgusting creature and if he wasn’t so cute and charming (when he’s not farting) … Continue reading pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog

Book Fest

It could not have been a better weekend weather wise for the Southern Festival of Books.   Mom, Bro, Scout and I headed for the big city Saturday morning and spent the next six hours perusing tents full of every type book imaginable and listening to author discussions and readings.  I felt quite intellectual afterwards.  🙂 There was a good variety of vendors and one of the first booths we … Continue reading Book Fest

shameless plug

If your weekend plans happen to include the Southern Festival of Books be sure to stop by the booth of the Williamson County Council for the Written Word and check out Muscadine Lines.     The anthology contains the writings of contributors to the online magazine, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal.  I have a couple of pieces in it, as does my mom.  Take a gander.  Update: Just saw this … Continue reading shameless plug

no more kats

Looks like the Kats are gone again.  At a time when the Sommet Center management group is trying to prevent the loss of one tenant, it has lost another. Nashville Kats owner Bud Adams announced Wednesday that he decided to cease operations of the local Arena Football League team. Can’t say that I really have an opinion on this one as I never attended a … Continue reading no more kats

feelin’ frumpy

I think I’m developing a permanent hunchback from being bent over the keyboard all day.  It’s not attractive.  And neither are these $9.00 shoes from Walmart that I’ve been wearing for two years now because they seem to be indestructable.  Or this pair of black dress pants that I’ve worn twice this week because I only have three pair in total.  I am in desperate need of … Continue reading feelin’ frumpy

gimme some candy

Ohmagoodness, I had lunch at some Mexican restaurant on White Bridge that I can’t remember the name of and I am stuffed to the max.  Not good.  It was nice though because The Accountant is working in town this week and we were able to go to lunch together, a rare occasion indeed!  Apparently there is still some room in ma’tummy because I just went to the vending machine and … Continue reading gimme some candy


 Sometimes I just feel like typing.  Maybe saying nothing but typing away.  I have a severe love of sentence fragments at all times but especially when I just freewrite.  I think I think in fragments.  But does anyone think in complete sentences?  And I also love to begin sentences with the words “and” and “but”.  But who cares really?  And I am not on drugs … Continue reading jumbles

on a tuesday

I’m so tired.  My eyes are red and bloodshot, my face feels hot and I’m dragging through the day.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I just plain don’t sleep well five out of seven nights a week.  I wake up with my neck and shoulder muscles all tense and stiff.  I don’t have this problem on Friday or Saturday nights or any nights of vacations or … Continue reading on a tuesday