on a tuesday

I’m so tired.  My eyes are red and bloodshot, my face feels hot and I’m dragging through the day.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I just plain don’t sleep well five out of seven nights a week.  I wake up with my neck and shoulder muscles all tense and stiff.  I don’t have this problem on Friday or Saturday nights or any nights of vacations or other holidays.  So you can draw your own conclusions from that. 

I know I’m stressed about the whole GRE/school decision so that’s not helping.  I’m not prepared for this.  Any of it.  I’m just floating around hemming and hawing, going from one grand idea to the next but not settling on any of them.  I just think I need some sort of sign from the Grand Pumba about what to do about certain things.  Meh, I don’t even want to really talk about it anymore.

So on to other miscellaneous things. 

I meant to go here this past weekend in Centennial Park but I got my dates mixed up somehow and I missed it.  I have a couple of family friends that exhibit there and I’d wanted to go say hello.  Besides meandering through all the great artwork that is always at that event.  Next time, next time. 

Last night my ever so handy hubs installed a reverse osmosis drinking water system and a new kitchen faucet.  Have I mentioned how much I love having a man around the house who knows how to do such things?  Seriously, he is amazing.  He can take apart, put together, install, refurbish, build, and/or repair just about anything you can think of.  It’s fabulous.  And very sexy.  

Cooper made me smile this morning.  In addition to his dramatic flailing death scene he does when we point, shoot and say “bang”, he now knows how to “shake”, and it’s so dang cute I just wanna squeeze his continuously growing paws all to pieces!  He’s five months old now and probably weighs 50 pounds or so although we haven’t weighed him in several weeks.  I walk him in the mornings and to control him better I make him wear a head collar.  He doesn’t like this very much and about the only way I can get him to let me put it on him is to hold a treat through the head loop causing him to have to make a very important decision.  Does he take the treat which he wants VERY badly, but doing so will allow me to slide the collar around his mouth and snap it on?  Or does he give me an irritated glance followed by barking and prancing just out of reach?  So far he’s always decided on the treat.  Eventually and after only a few irritated glances, barking and prancing.  The temptation is just too much for him.  Once the lead is on, away we go and he’s happy to go traipsing and sniffing his way through the neighborhood.  I traipse, he sniffs.  He does this really funny weird thing though where he will all of a sudden throw himself on the ground, almost violently.  He practically body slams himself onto the ground.  It’s bizarre.  Then he’ll roll around and look up at me as if to say “whaddaya lookin’ at”?  I’m not sure if he just needs a rest or is exasperated or what his deal is. 

I’m looking forward to going to the Southern Festival of Books next weekend with Scout and maybe the fam.  The last time I went was when Garrison Keillor was here and it was such a highlight.  Dad used to (and still does) listen to A Prairie Home Companion on public radio and after Mr. Keillor’s talk we stood in line for about an hour waiting to get him to sign a few books and for a photo op.  I need to find that picture. 

Anything good on tv tonight?

4 thoughts on “on a tuesday

  1. Cameron has decided he likes his head collar. It took a few months, but he finally connected that wearing the head collar meant something fun, like going for a walk or visiting the dog park.

  2. Next Saturday will be great and we can also celebrate your successful test-taking endeavor.:)

  3. good looking pup

    thanks for stopping my the chocolate dog blog

    I will add you to the blogroll.

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