gimme some candy

Ohmagoodness, I had lunch at some Mexican restaurant on White Bridge that I can’t remember the name of and I am stuffed to the max.  Not good.  It was nice though because The Accountant is working in town this week and we were able to go to lunch together, a rare occasion indeed! 

Apparently there is still some room in ma’tummy because I just went to the vending machine and bought a Reese’s Cup.  Did you know that in the 5th grade my nickname was “E.T.” because I was always begging, borrowing, or stealing in order to get Reese’s Pieces candies?  I was seriously addicted and it was not pretty.  In high school I moved on to Doritos in any flavor but it seems kid’s creativity wanes as they age because no one could come up with a good nickname for that particular junk food addiction. 

Since this is turning into a pointless post about junk food, here’s another one I absolutely love…Smarties.  You know, those little chalky-like circles of sugary goodness that melt in your mouth if you let them sit long enough.  Except I can never wait for that and I suck on them just long enough for them to be chewable and disintegrate just so.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about those.  I’ll smuggle an entire bag into the movies and I am one happy cavity-inducing machine.

Yum, candy.  Maybe for Halloween I’ll go as one of these…

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