testing experience

I’m going to give a quick update on today’s GRE experience just because I’m the one who brought it up in the first place and now I need to close it out.  If that makes any sense to anyone but me. 

It took three hours and was your typical computer administered test.  I am pretty sure I nailed the two essays which made up the first section.  Apparently I was born to BS.  It was pretty much downhill from there however.  I received my scores for two of the three sections (all but the essays which have to be read by real-live humans).  I did semi-decent on the verbal section but completely tanked on the math.  You’d never guess that I spend many of my days doing statistical calculations would you?  My employer should be afraid, be very afraid.   

All that to say, I have a pretty good inclination that I will study much harder and retake it next month.  The complete picture of how I did will be on the official paper report in a couple of weeks.  That info will include the percentiles which will mean more than the raw number score.  I mean, if 90% of the other GRE-takers also cannot solve for x then I’m golden. 

I think it’s just bugging me because I know that I could have done much much better on it had I given it my all and not half-assed it in preparing.  This is the girl who took the ACT at least three times trying to break 30.  This is the girl who in high school must make straight A’s or her life would cease to have meaning.  College cured that quirk when I failed Accounting 1001 and the ocean did not swallow up all the land.  I mean, wow, the sun came up and everything.  It was monumental in my growth as a person.  So I’m not as anal retentive as I once was and this is a good thing.  But even still, knowing that I am capable of more still drives me to a great extent.  It just doesn’t drive me or others up the wall like it used to. 

And thus endeth the GRE discussion.  I won’t mention it again until I can say that I’ve achieved scores I’m happy with and was accepted into grad school.  Then a whole new set of rants will begin here.  Can you stand it? 

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