well that’s annoying

I wasted 20 minutes of my precious lunch hour fighting traffic and red lights to go to the post office today.  Only to remember as I looked in puzzlement at the empty parking lot, that the post office is CLOSED FOR COLUMBUS DAY!!!  Argghhhhh!!

5 thoughts on “well that’s annoying

  1. I kept going out to check for the mail today…it took me three times before I realized there’s no mail today! WTF? I mean, no one else gets Columbus Day off! I had to call in sick to get the day off! (Just a coincidence, I swear…I really am sick!)

  2. I can’t tell you how many times people crashed into the bank door on Monday. I am not a retail employee so I had to work, and my office is in a local branch, so I watched as person after person tried to walk through the locked door, then stare at it for a minute, try the other door then finally see the sign that says “CLOSED for Columbus Day.” It actually made things go by pretty quickly.

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