no more kats

Looks like the Kats are gone again

At a time when the Sommet Center management group is trying to prevent the loss of one tenant, it has lost another.

Nashville Kats owner Bud Adams announced Wednesday that he decided to cease operations of the local Arena Football League team.

Can’t say that I really have an opinion on this one as I never attended a game.  Arena football just never grabbed me like hockey or the Titans. 

3 thoughts on “no more kats

  1. I went to a game this past season and you could see the tumbleweeds rolling through the stands.

    Part of it had to be that there was virtually no marketing or coverage of the team this year. I struggled to find out how they were doing or even when they were playing. Also, the team was forced to move some games around at the last minute due to hockey playoffs which I bet didn’t help things.

    It is a fun game to go and watch. It was affordable for families and tickets were (obviously) available for games. I am sorry it didn’t catch on and I’ll miss them.

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