attack of the holiday sweaters

  In spite of the warm weather it cannot be avoided.  They will not be denied and will never be defeated no matter how hard we try.  It comes around each year and yet, the first one to make an appearance shocks me every time.  It’s time for the onslaught of those very loud and quite obnoxious, but oh so festive….holiday sweaters! 

I saw my first one of the year last week.  A monstrosity of black and hunter orange fluff covered in pumpkins, black cats, witches on brooms and phallic-shaped ghosts.

I was scared. 

Obviously I’m not a fan of the holiday sweater.  They’re just so…unpleasant.  With one exception.  My grandma looks really cute in her’s but anyone under the age of 70 should not be seen in one of these not-so-subtle creations in my opinion.  I mean, wow, they’re really loud. 

The Thanksgiving and Christmas ones are just around the corner!  ‘Tis the season!


5 thoughts on “attack of the holiday sweaters

  1. My wife is a teacher. How she has so far resisted what I believe to be the mandatory wearing of holiday sweaters, I have no idea. But God love her for her strength so far.

  2. We should all donate such garb to the people of Iraq. Being as al-Quada are of weaker moral character, they will all self destruct at the mere thought of wearing these, “things.”

  3. I’m skairt!

    I have yet to witness one of these so far this season. And I must admit I have been guilty of wearing them in the past. Somehow I finally got the memo and have declined since.

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