pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog

Dogs are gross.  Cooper can stink up a room with some of the most horrendous passing of the gas you’ve ever had waft by your nose.  Oh my goodness.  I think some of the treats we bought don’t agree with him.  And the humping of his bed isn’t too pretty either.  He’s a disgusting creature and if he wasn’t so cute and charming (when he’s not farting) I’d kick the pup out for sure. 

Get this.  We thought we were being sooooo smart and taught him to ring a bell hanging from the front doorknob whenever he needs to go outside.  He’s finally caught on, a bit too well.  He’s now abusing the bell.  He rings it every five minutes wanting to go outside and when we let him out, half the time he doesn’t even have to use the facilities but just wanders around or plops down by the step and eats rocks, sticks or whatever bugs happen to come by.  Not sure how to remedy this but I feel like a butler always going to the door. 

I think he’s beginning to think he rules the house.  Eh, who am I kidding, he totally does. 

3 thoughts on “pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog

  1. Hee…..He also knows how to use that petrified peanut butter-infested animal hoof to his advantage too.:)

  2. Ha! Maybe I’m glad that Steve never took to bell training. Oh, and Steve’s gas could clear a room too. 🙂

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