it’s true

Those Nationwide commercials with the slogan “Life comes at you fast” are so true aren’t they? 

Yesterday I was cooking supper, er, well, ok so I was on the phone ordering pizza and I received a call on the other line. 

As a complete aside here, you should know that I loathe call waiting.  I think it is a tool of Satan.  It is the rudest thing ever to be talking with someone and suddenly have them say “i have another call, hang on”, subsequently leaving you hanging.  If you ever do that to me I will hang up on your oh-too-popular azz.  As well I refuse to acknowledge an incoming call while I’m on the other line.  I mean, wouldn’t it be deemed incredibly tacky to be in the middle of a face to face conversation with someone and have a third party walk up, interrupt the conversation and then for one of the original two conversers to walk off to talk to Mr. Third Party Interrupter leaving the other person just standing there???  Of course it would!  But call waiting is acceptable social decorum?!?

Wow, I got way off subject there.  Anyway.

While this other person is beeping into my pizza order I have a flash of my latent ESP.  I know this call is not a good one.  There is something wrong with a member of my family.  Don’t ask how I knew this but I did. 

Another aside…my clairvoyance skills are usually confined to having the premonition that the cat has puked in the middle of the hallway while I’ve been gone or that so-and-so is going to wear that hideous purple shirt today.  Useful things like that. 

This time my mind-flash was a bit more ominous.  I didn’t bother to listen to the voice mail, I just hit send and my brother picked up at the other end.  He gave me all the information he knew – that my grandmother had fallen, broken her hip and was in the hospital with surgery pending tomorrow.  Not good.  Both parents were at the hospital so I couldn’t get any more info until one of them got home. 

Dad called at 9:30ish and said she had fallen and broken her femur, not her hip, in four places and that Mom was staying with her at the hospital.  Surgery to happen tomorrow mid-morning.

Fast forward to today.  I worried all morning about the surgery.  This gramma is in her 80s and you just never know what might happen when you go under the knife.  But Mom called at lunch and said that gramma had a successful surgery on her leg that involved a metal rod, some pins and good anesthesia.  She’ll be in the hospital for a few days and will begin rehab asap. 

I’m very thankful as it could have been much worse.   I know she has much recovery and therapy to get through now and I worry about that too.  (I get my worry-wartedness from her.  She is the Queen Worrier.) 

But really, isn’t it scary how one minute you can be waiting at the door for the van to take you to a dentist appointment and the next minute you’ve fallen on top of a ceramic beagle in the hallway and you’re in the hospital? 

It’s a bizarre world. 

5 thoughts on “it’s true

  1. I was glad to hear yesterday that everything went well. Also glad that you’ll be getting to see her soon.
    I ignore call waiting too. Totally in agreement there.

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