before bedtime

Fridays make me a happy girl.  I haven’t felt well today though and if it weren’t for it being Friday, I think I might have bitten someone’s head off.  I still might so watch out. 

It’s late and I really should be asleep since I’m driving to Weakley tomorrow to see my grandma in the hospital.  But I don’t always do the smart thing so here I sit, with “What Not to Wear” on the telly and my inhaler by my side because I feel like I’m on the verge of an asthma attack. 

Inserting random photo here.

I caught up on The Office tonight thanks to the DVR (greatest invention EVER).  Wow I love that show.  I’d missed the last few episodes for one reason or another but it was cool to watch three solid hours with no commercials. 

Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling very well but I think I’ll list some random things that annoy me.  Because I know you were wondering.

People who have to always be in control of everything to the extent that they impose on other people.  

Certain physicial tics, like a particular byword or a phrase used way too much, the way some people laugh or walk. (yeah, that’s really picky and somewhat tacky of me I realize)

The whole “doggy-gate”/”iggy-gate” thing with Ellen Degeneres. 

Passive aggressive people.  Or overtly aggressive people for that matter.

The Charmin commercial with the red and blue bears running on the beach towards the portopotties. 

Bedtime for me.  So I’ll leave you with my toes.

3 thoughts on “before bedtime

  1. Double amen to everything you just said. I could definitely knock some heads off right about now.
    Hope you had a good in W.C. with your grandma.

  2. Ugh! Insert “day” or “time” or “visit” or whatever you want behind “good.”

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