I’m on edge this week.  I’ve had a headache and stiff muscles for three days now.  I wake up with a headache that tylenol won’t ease and a tenseness in my neck and shoulders that doesn’t go away.  I would say it has something to do with the weather but I usually love dreary rainy days like these.  Or at least I love them when I can stay home and enjoy them.  I wish I could curl up in bed with a book of sad poems or watch Hepburn movies all day, Audrey or Katherine.  That would be divine.  I think I’m tired of people.  In general.  I’m entering hermit mode.  There are times during the day when I just want to close my eyes, shut everyone out and float away somewhere all by myself.  To anywhere but here. 

4 thoughts on “wishing

  1. Yup.
    You need a massage by an unnamed guy who will help you out.
    let Cooper lay next to you and love you madly
    This helps.
    Dog love and all.

  2. I love those type of days where you just lay about watching good movies or reading. Hope you feel better.

    I felt a little uncomfortable commenting after ‘Coma and her anonymous male massage comments but I got over it. lol

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