they probably said the same thing about electricity

Where would we be without computers?  I for one, would be in a much happier place this week.  We’ve been having major trouble with a certain website that our livelihoods depend on at the-place-that-shall-not-be-named and it has been driving me batty (excellent use of a Halloween pun don’t you think?).   

All this trouble in cyberland got me to thinking about what a state most people would be in if the computers just decided they were tired and shut the heck down.  I am picturing mass hysteria across the country and bloggers rioting in the streets.  It’s kind of scary to think how much we all depend on computers and the internet to do all sorts of things from managing finances, keeping records, medical procedures, and on and on we could go.   

A slave to the machine indeed.

2 thoughts on “they probably said the same thing about electricity

  1. It would be nice if just the computers over here at work found their way to broke-down-land today. I am soooooo ready for the weekend to start.

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