on the road & a near naked cat

I’ve done a lot of getting up early and a lot of driving this weekend and I’m a bit tired.  I made stops in the majority of the towns dotting Weakley County this weekend, and some places were blessed/cursed with my presence multiple times.  I accomplished a lot though and got to visit my other grandparents who I’ve felt a bit neglectful of late.  I also was able to spend a few minutes experiencing my first chai latte at BDx with Scout, always a good time.  An early birthday celebration for my dad capped off the weekend.  Oh, remind me to post pictures of the newly sheared, nearly naked cat, Bogey. 

Grandmother is now in a nursing home/rehab facility.  I’m glad she’s getting the physical therapy that she needs but the environment is less than desirable.  She shares a tiny room with another lady who can’t communicate very well and leaves the television on 24-7.  It’s crowded and to be honest, very depressing.  It’s primarily a nursing home with a rehab component and nursing homes are just sad places to me.  And the smell is well, distinctive.  I’ll be so glad when she can come home.  She didn’t have a very good day Saturday and she just looked so diminutive and fragile lying in that bed.  I was so disappointed too because I had recorded myself playing a few very simple tunes on the organ that sits in our dining room and used to sit in her house.  I’d listened to the recording earlier in the day but I must have jinxed myself with my previous post about the bane of technology because I couldn’t get the digital recorder to work when it came time for the grand performance!  This after promising to play it for her and getting the only smile from her I saw all day.  Ugh, I was sick about it.  But I’ve assured her that she wasn’t missing anything but what sounded like the plink-plinking of a kindergartner and I would practice more and present her with much better musical fare very soon.

Oh yes, Bogey…



One thought on “on the road & a near naked cat

  1. That was a wonderful idea! I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but keep trying.
    And I know what you mean about nursing homes. Hopefully, your granny won’t have to stay too much longer.

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