fall day

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  -Albert Camus

I think autumn is the most beautiful season.  Today I took a few minutes and sat on the damp ground amidst the crispy brown, yellow and orange leaves in my backyard.  I decompressed and let the remains of a bad day fall off of me and swirl away in the wind along with the leaves.  My handsome canine friend lay beside me chewing on a stick that had been relinquished from some tree.  In that spectacular moment it was a perfect fall afternoon and I was completely content to just be here, in this place, in this time. 

2 thoughts on “fall day

  1. Sounds like a nice relax to me. I love fall, too. I think the year should be 50%, 50% autumn with a week of summer and winter thrown in.

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