I feel all weird and stuff yo.  Like I’ve been kicked in the gut, emotionally speaking.  I’d usually reason this away as pms but the timing is off for that to be the case this time.  Just feel mentally icky.  Today wasn’t the best of days to tell the truth although the later part was better then the first half.  I took the day off to take care of some things and the afternoon was spent with Cooper at the dog park.  I’m really tired but don’t want to go to bed.  My two Mr. Handsomes are asleep and snoring soundly.  I’m online and watching Frasier with my sweet black kitty next to me on the couch.  I’m telling myself that tomorrow is the day I’m going to get organized, get some things done around here.  But I say that a lot and the chaos is still here.  I just drank a huge glass of water.  Why do I do that just before bedtime?  I’ll be up to pee at least three times tonight.  The cat just got up and left me.  I think he must sense my whining into the keyboard.  Or maybe he’s just in a weird mood too. 

3 thoughts on “icky-persnickity

  1. You had to be educationally and emotionally drained after the morning’s events. Glad you had a good second half of the day with neph.

  2. I am sorry. I know how that goes as I have been cycling through depression myself and just got regulated on my new meds. Those kind of days are rough. I am sending good vibes your way. I hope it passes soon.

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