that time of year

Some random thoughts about this time of year…

Is Thanksgiving the Black Sheep of holidays?  It seems like we’re going from Halloween straight to Christmas, if you go by the decorations in the stores and the commercials.  We don’t really have plans for Thanksgiving Day this year so far.  We’ll do our shindig at The Accountant’s grandmother’s this Sunday.  Since we don’t have plans I’m trying to decide if I should work the day after turkey day or not.  If I go in, it will be nice and quiet, not many people will be there and I can get a lot done and save a vacation day for later.  But, I know me, and I know that any opportunity to take a day off is one that I can’t hardly resist.  We’ll see how that works out, I’m sure I’ll wait until the last possible minute to decide. 

Christmas shopping?  Nada.  Compared to a lot of people we don’t have that many to buy for so it’s usually a relatively painless process for us.  And one that is usually completed the week before Christmas. 

Christmas tree?  Nada as well.  We haven’t put one up in a few years now and won’t this year either.  There’s a post about that somewhere on this here blog but I don’t feel like hunting it down right now.  Bottom line is that it’s too much trouble to go through for just the two of us, the cat would climb it and the dog would eat it and I don’t like taking decorations down after the holidays, so not putting one up in the first place saves me a lot of grief.  You can call me a grinch now if you’d like.  I won’t mind. 

I do love the holidays but don’t really get all into it like some folks. 

Birthdays Smirthdays.  My birthday is coming up, in December, before Christmas.  The big 3-2.  Or is it 3-3?  No, 3-2 definitely.  Then it will be my mom’s, and then my grandpa’s.  And my parent’s anniversary falls in there somewhere too.  Lots of stuff going on in the last month of the year.

Think it’ll snow any this winter?  I hope so. 

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “that time of year

  1. 1) I LOVE Thanksgiving! I think it’s my favorite holiday. I agree–I think it’s all too overlooked.

    2) You’re smart to not put up a Christmas tree. One year we didn’t decorate because we went on vacation and knew we wouldn’t be home much anyway, and it was the most stress-free holiday ever! I hate taking decorations down too! And it’s EXPENSIVE to decorate! But now that we are in our first ever real house, we’re splurging on a lot of decorations this year. I hope I don’t regret it…our cat will probably climb the tree too!

    3) Happy Birthday!!!! 32 is the new 22!

  2. The little Santa’s house goes up in town over here while people are still trick or treating. Just ask Newscoma. Thanksgiving is such an overlooked holiday. Guess there’s not much you can overcommercialize about turkeys and Pilgrims. Would make for great history lessons, though, don’t you think?:) Like I told your mom, though, I will officially be boycotting the rest of the holidays this year. Just don’t feel like being around that many family members. Too overwhelming.

  3. This year my wife decided to have a dry run thanksgiving day to test out her recipes. We soaked the bird in a brine solution she got at William Sonoma it really kept it moist. OMG, the turkey was so good and I get to do it again in a few days!

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