project runway

I’m watching Project Runway.  Love this show!  I didn’t start watching until about midway last season and then I missed the grand finale because we went on vacation.  But tonight, I’m watching the first episode of season 4 and so far it’s as fun and crazy as I remembered and hoped! 

why is my keyboard screwing up right now????!!!!????

Christian reminds me of Pauly Shore…is Carman really a man?  Sweet P is the most annoying so far, I think it’s because of that nickname.  Jack looks like Howie Long and there are at least two serial killers on this season.  Marion is one of them.  Tim Gunn might be the other one.  He kind of creeps me out.  Does he even have eyelashes?

And the first one that Heidi gets to say “You’re out” to is….Simone!  And rightfully so, that dress was hideous.  Ironic that she said she knew she’d be in Bryant Park again.  Not this season sister.

“Life is too short to have on a bad outfit”  – Kit “Pistol”

3 thoughts on “project runway

  1. I am loving the new season too! The only thing is…is it just me, or does Tim Gunn seem to lose “it” little by little every season?

  2. I’m so excited it finally started again! Can you believe I fell asleep and missed it? Thank God for DVR. Saw it last night.

    Heidi’s “poo fabric” comment was hysterical.

    The guy with the crazy hair? Yeah, he needs to go. With quickness. Sadly, I think he’s this season’s Wendy/Santino/Jeffrey. Which means he’ll be around for a while. ugh.

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