My BlogLog account seems to have magically disappeared.  I was thinking about cancelling it anyway but I guess I don’t have to.  Now I can stalk all of you incognito.

What is the deal with doctor’s offices that will not call you back???  I’ve left two messages with my PCP regarding my asthma that is darn near going to kill me but they have yet to return my call.  One of these messages was left LAST WEEK!!  It’s frustrating. 

My good friend, D, found out today that she is having a baby girl!  Congrats miss D and let the pink fest begin!  I wonder who decided on pink as the token color for girls and blue for boys?  If I ever have a baby I’d like to change that to red for a girl and green for a boy as I like those colors better. 

I’ve been tagged for a meme by the lovely Newscoma so look out for seven amazing and astounding facts about moi coming to this blog in the very near future.  Pay attention and you might learn something.

2 thoughts on “miscellany

  1. My BlogLog account made me change my photo several weeks back, so I did and now it is a crap shoot as to which avatar of mine shows up…the old or the new. BTW, when Newscoma hit me with that meme I was so picking you…until I noticed that she beat me to it. Let’s get on with the secret stuff about ya.

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