more excuses

I am jealous of all you bloggers out there who somehow manage to post multiple posts in one day!!  I am either a very busy girl, a very lazy girl, or you guys have too much free time on your hands.  I keed I keed.  I am barely managing to get one or two up a week lately.  Wanna hear today’s excuse?  I’m home sick (doc finally called me back, goobs), dealing with a lunatic dog, missing The Accountant who has been out of town for the last couple of days, and trying to finish a grad school essay before I miss the deadline and have no hope of getting in.  So there.  SOON, very SOON I promise, I will get around to the meme that Newscoma tagged me for, oh, many days ago.  And maybe some other posts too. 

3 thoughts on “more excuses

  1. I’m sick with two ear infections and I have a cruise to attend to in just 7 days. I feel your pain. No really, I do feel your pain.

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