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the christmas post

28 Dec

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I figured if I’m going to do a Christmas recap I ought to do it before New Years.  I’m not sure why I even feel the need to recount it but I do. 

Warning: there are a lot of parenthesis in this post for reasons I can’t explain.  Guess I’m just trying to let ya’ll into my head or something.

We had decided for various reasons to do Christmas with my parents and bro a bit early, on Friday.  As I am one of those crazed last-minute shoppers with the frantic look in their eyes you can guess how I spent my Thursday night.  I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the shopping trip went though.  God bless Target is all I have to say about that.  (Of course, my parents’ main gift was to be telling them about Bean but I’m saving that for another post.) 

Friday we left Cooper to his own devices in the basement and a very generous father-in-law who agreed to come let him out around midday and The Accountant and I headed for the lovely hills of West Tennessee.  Dad and The Accountant worked on business stuff and I hung out with mom.  Or tried to, I think I dozed in dad’s chair by the woodstove for most of the afternoon.  I’m afraid I wasn’t much company that day.  That evening we “did Christmas”.  The Accountant got some mysterious-to-me manly gadgets, tools, books, etc.  I received books from my childhood (Ramona, The Frog and the Toad and I think an Amelia Bedelia one too), a movie, the most comfy pjs ever, a bootiful shoulder bag, and so forth.  Cooper even scored a stocking.   

I am completely drawing a blank as to what happened on Saturday.  There is a very good possibility that I slept through that day but I really just can’t remember.   I do remember (only because I just checked my day planner) that we went with the BIL and gfriend to PF Changs for dinner (this did NOT agree with Bean AT ALL) and then went to TPAC to see The Nutcracker (the gfriend and I came up with various names for it using our juvenile humor – a couple of which I will use shortly so pay attention).  This was my first ballet.  The Accountant had seen The Nutcruncher when he was a child but didn’t really remember it very well.  After the gfriend and I got over our initial shock and awe at the *ahem* snugness *ahem* of the male dancers tights (giving new meaning to “The Nuthugger”) we all really enjoyed the performance.  Over the next few days I was surprised at how many commercials I noticed that use the music from the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  Advertising a Norelco razor with that music just seems so wrong.  (But so does defaming this ballet with various tacky pseudonyms so ok, I have no case).

Sunday….hmmm…I seem to have another blank spot…I think I slept a lot once again…so forget about Sunday because I have no clue.  Oh wait, yes, I wasn’t feeling well and was pretty much a worthless bum that day. 

Christmas Eve was on Monday as you recall.  I felt better that day so we went to a family shindig for a little while that afternoon.  That night we hit up yet another Christmas show (for some reason this was the week the Finn house decided to become patrons of the arts) and went to see The Rockettes at the Opry House.  (The Rockettes can be considered part of “the arts” can’t they?)  Those ladies are amazing!  For real.  I was expecting to see way more high kicking stockinged leg action than I could stomach but they did some really cool choreographied dances and I was thoroughly entertained.  My only complaint was that the filler material in between The Rockettes performances was a bit hokey but the 2 year old sitting in front of us enjoyed it immensely. 

Oh, somewhere in all this (but not at The Rockettes show mind you), The Accountant and I swapped gifts.  He gave me a digital picture frame which I have been wanting ever since I knew there was such a gadget.  I have yet to set it up but that’s on my weekend to-do list.  I gave him some books and miscellaneous things you don’t need to know about. (Get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn’t anything like THAT.)

On Christmas Day The Accountant and I decided to get all Martha Stewart and had Christmas brunch at our house for the FIL, BIL and gfriend.  It turned out rather well I think and will perhaps become a tradition.  We shall see.  Also, I do believe a portion of my family had a Christmas gathering that evening that I skipped.  Oops.

The day after Christmas The Accountant had to go back to work but I had the day off.  I headed back to West TN, this time to visit the grandparents since we hadn’t had time to do that on Friday.  I also got to tell them about Bean and I received the standard reaction which I’ll discuss later.  Let’s just say I’m getting quite used to inflicting a feeling of disbelief on folks.

Since there was not a stitch of any type of Christmas decorations at our house I am happy to say that I do not have to take any of them down, always a dreaded task.   I do believe this will be the last year for a naked house though with Bean coming along next year.  I mean, what kind of a parent would I be if I didn’t put up lights and a tree for the little bugger?

Now you are caught up on our holiday shananigans.  I hope you and yours had a blessed holiday and that the New Year holds wonderful things in store!   

Note to mom: when you use parenthesis does the punctuation go on the inside or the outside of the parenthesis?  And did I even spell “parenthesis” correctly? 

i refuse…

27 Dec

To let this blog die, really I do. 

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by here or on my MySpace page to congratulate The Accountant and I on our little bean!  More on that later, believe me.

In the next few days there will be a Christmas post recapping the holiday adventures of Finn and family, followed by some thoughts, rants, ravings and wishes currently running through my knocked up brain.  Then hopefully, we will be back to our regularly scheduled posting.


baby on board

22 Dec

For real!  The real reason this blog has been of the suck lately is because I’ve been a bit distracted with being pregnant!  Holy cow!  It doesn’t seem real but wow, it is!  We saw the heartbeat last week and it was so amazing.  I don’t even know how to write about it or what to say except that we are thrilled!   

Yes, this is the same person who in the past has posted this and this and this.  And those feelings are still valid.  I have been outspoken about people bugging me about having kids before I was ready.  Or annoying my poor mom about when she would finally become a grandmother.  But now, the time is right for us.  We’ve done a bit of traveling, had our couple time together and feel like we are ready and in a good position to expand our small brood. 

So here we go! 

things that make you go hmmmm…

17 Dec

I never knew people had their pets pictures taken with Santa until I witnessed it at PetSmart this weekend.  I couldn’t decide if I thought it was cute or just weird.  I’m still not sure.  Sez the girl with her dog’s picture on her Christmas card.


17 Dec

Mom emailed me this picture the other day of an owl that lives in their yard.  I saw this majestic bird a couple of weeks ago as it flew from some perch and into a tree where it just sat there staring at us in that intimidating way an owl has about it.  I’ve always thought owls were the coolest birds of all.  They just seem so mysterious and they make that haunting noise and can do crazy things with their necks.  And when they look at you it feels like some otherworldly presense is seeing right through you.  I could easily be convinced that owls are spirits in bird form, or aliens sent to spy on us from planets far away, or guardian angels that are trying to tell us something very important.  Or maybe they’re just really big birds with weird eyes. 

This fine creature was only a few feet away from my parent’s dining room window when mom snapped the picture.  I would have jumped plain through the ceiling if I’d walked past the window and saw that thing looking at me.  I swear, they can see right into your soul. 

immortalized in chocolate (until we ate it)

17 Dec

So this is old news but not any less fabulous.  A couple of weeks ago when I went to my parents for my mom and my birthday hoo-rah, Scout came over with this glorious replica of Cooper….in CHOCOLATE!!!  Chocolate Lab in Chocolate Cake, get it???  Love it!!  And the bone was a super nice and tasty touch too!  That Scout is fab ain’t she? 

Doesn’t it look just like him?

decking the blogs with memes

14 Dec

Hiya.  Because I seem to have ditched the “letter to your 13-year-old self” meme (too much self-reflection, ha) I will now attempt this much easier holiday one that is making the rounds.  The talented and lovely Kerstin at Leave It at the Beep tagged me.

Rules for the game are as follows:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share Christmas facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. Wrapping or Gift Bags?  I am a die-hard fan of the gift bag.  However, I do tend to wrap a lot of family gifts because I like the cute paper options and it’s cheaper.  So I guess I’ll have to say that I do a combination.

2. Real or artificial tree?  Um, neither.  We haven’t put up a tree in a couple of years but when we do/did, it is artificial.  As a child we always had real trees though and it was great.  One of them my parents transplanted in the front yard after Christmas and it now towers above the house which I think is pretty cool.

3. When do you put up the tree?  See #2.  When we did I think it was usually the weekend after Thanksgiving?  Maybe.  Can’t remember.  That old age thing.

4. When do you take the tree down?  Again, see above.  The weekend after Christmas if we have a tree up.  Taking down holiday decorations is a real downer for me so I like to get it over with asap.

5. Do you like eggnog?  Have I even tried eggnog before?  Not sure.  But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t/don’t like it.  Mom, is that the stuff they used to spike with Jack Daniel’s at family dinners?  Or was that boiled custard?  Is that the same thing as eggnog?  I should totally know this.

6. Favorite gift received as a child?  Don’t know that I have an absolute favorite but I do have a few that stand out in my mind.  A yellow Tonka dump truck, my ten-speed bike, pink hula hoop…

7. Do you have nativity scene? Negative.

8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?  Nothing’s ringing a bell on this one so I guess there weren’t any truly horrible ones.

9. Mail or email Christmas cards?  Definitely mail.  Which reminds me that I really need to go to the post office.

10. Favorite Christmas Movie? A Christmas Story!  Love this movie!  “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

11. When do you start shopping for Christmas?  I usually have picked up one or two gifts along during the year if I see the absolute perfect gift for someone.  But the majority of it gets done the weekend before the big day.  I work best under pressure. 

12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?  Dressing, chex mix, dessert.

13. Clear lights or colored on the tree?  Colored.

14. Favorite Christmas Song?  Jingle Bells, 12 Days of Christmas, Let It Snow, Rudolph…the old standards.

15. Travel at Christmas or stay home?  Is this what I prefer to do or what I actually do?  I guess travel (not that it’s that far to my family’s house). 

16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?  Only because I cheated off of Kerstin.

17. Angel on tree top or star?  Star. 

18. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?  Definitely Christmas morning.  There are no presents until Santa comes.

19. Most annoying thing about this time of year?  The crowds.  And crazy, greedy people who will stop at nothing to get that hot toy for their precious little rugrat.

20. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color?  Enough with the tree questions already.  But the answer is no.

21. What do you leave for Santa?  Nothing.  I don’t even remember doing this as a kid.  Yikes.  Naughty girl.

22. Least favorite holiday song? Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (if that even qualifies), Silent Night (lightning may strike, take cover)….

23. Favorite Ornament? I have the cutest Poky Little Puppy ornament that I love.  Also, The Accountant’s grandmother gave us several porcelian ones that she handmade that I think are very special.

I don’t think I’ll tag anyone since most people I know have already done this.  But feel free to take it and run. 

Happy Holidays!

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