the christmas post

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I figured if I'm going to do a Christmas recap I ought to do it before New Years.  I'm not sure why I even feel the need to recount it but I do.  Warning: there are a lot of parenthesis in this post for reasons I can't explain. ... Continue Reading →

i refuse…

To let this blog die, really I do.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by here or on my MySpace page to congratulate The Accountant and I on our little bean!  More on that later, believe me. In the next few days there will be a Christmas post recapping the holiday adventures of Finn and... Continue Reading →

baby on board

For real!  The real reason this blog has been of the suck lately is because I've been a bit distracted with being pregnant!  Holy cow!  It doesn't seem real but wow, it is!  We saw the heartbeat last week and it was so amazing.  I don't even know how to write about it or what... Continue Reading →

things that make you go hmmmm…

I never knew people had their pets pictures taken with Santa until I witnessed it at PetSmart this weekend.  I couldn't decide if I thought it was cute or just weird.  I'm still not sure.  Sez the girl with her dog's picture on her Christmas card.


Mom emailed me this picture the other day of an owl that lives in their yard.  I saw this majestic bird a couple of weeks ago as it flew from some perch and into a tree where it just sat there staring at us in that intimidating way an owl has about it.  I've always... Continue Reading →

decking the blogs with memes

Hiya.  Because I seem to have ditched the "letter to your 13-year-old self" meme (too much self-reflection, ha) I will now attempt this much easier holiday one that is making the rounds.  The talented and lovely Kerstin at Leave It at the Beep tagged me. Rules for the game are as follows: 1) Link to... Continue Reading →

because you want to know

So what's the deal?  A girl turns 32 and just abandons her blog?  That ain't right!  I'm preoccupied with the holidays and various personal things going on lately.  But this blog is haunting me.  It keeps saying "you must post you must post you must post".  So here I am trying to assuage the voices... Continue Reading →

meme von Meme

Hullo.  I am happy to say that the admissions essay and writing sample are out of my hands now and I'm leaving the rest up to the grad school gods.  So it's on to the next thing.  Which for now is posting this meme Newscoma tagged me for about a million years ago. Here are... Continue Reading →

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