because you want to know

So what’s the deal?  A girl turns 32 and just abandons her blog?  That ain’t right! 

I’m preoccupied with the holidays and various personal things going on lately.  But this blog is haunting me.  It keeps saying “you must post you must post you must post”.  So here I am trying to assuage the voices in my head and a guilty blogger conscience. 

What’s everyone talking about these days?  Oh yes, the holidays.  Christmas décor remains absent in the Finn household and I’m still waiting to get that urge to go Christmas shopping but so far, I got nothin’.  You say I’m a Grinch, I say I’m stress-free baby!  At least on that front.  We will be spending time with family of course, which will be nice, and I’m sure there will be plenty of holiday gluttony.  To be honest though, I’m mostly looking forward to a long weekend and maybe some time off between Christmas and New Years. 

The Accountant and I will be making the journey to Weakley tomorrow to visit my fam and have a dual birthday celebration for me and mom.  And Sunday…Sunday I’m going to be all self-indulgent and go shopping for myself with some birthday money I’ve somehow managed to hoard all week and not spend on food or fritter away on books or trinkets as I’m wont to do. 

But back to tomorrow…I was planning to go visit my grandmother as well but I’ve come down with a scratchy throat and hubs has been sick with a nasty cold and we don’t want to risk making gramma sick, or any of the other residents for that matter.  So we’re just going to go home and contaminate the rest of my family.  We’re nice like that.  I’m disappointed I won’t get to see gramma but I’m hopeful that the next time I do see her (around Christmas) that she will be in her cute little apartment and not in a cramped room in the nursing home.  That will be the best present.

3 thoughts on “because you want to know

  1. I figured that you weren’t blogging because you forgot all about it…they say that memory is the first thing to go, don’t they? hehehe

  2. I too have been lax in decorating this year.
    It’s really out of character for me.
    Maybe there’s something in the weather. Or maybe this cold that’s going around has some odd holiday side effect.

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